$36 Million Raised for Ohio MJ Legalization

A group in Ohio has already raised $36 million for a proposed ballot measure that would legalize medical and recreational cannabis – by far the most money ever generated for a state marijuana campaign.

Last year in Florida, backers of an initiative to legalize medical marijuana raised a little over $8 million in what was billed as one of the most expensive cannabis campaigns yet, but it ultimately failed at the ballot box.

The twist in Ohio is that the millions in funding have come from wealthy supporters who expect to make their money back quickly. ResponsibleOhio – the organization pushing the initiative – is promising that investor groups will own the 10 grow sites that would be allowed by the ballot measure.

So far, ResponsibleOhio has named a dozen investors who have contributed to the campaign, including a professional football player and a Hall of Fame pro baseball player, along with a number of prominent businesspeople.

These investors, along with more who haven’t been identified yet, have given $4 million to nine separate LLCs, which in turn are funding ResponsibleOhio.

The campaign has said it expects to spend in excess of $20 million on the campaign for legalization.

The proposed ballot measure has yet to be approved by the Ohio attorney general, but once it is, backers will have until July 1 to collect over 300,000 signatures to get the initiative certified for the November ballot.

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3 comments on “$36 Million Raised for Ohio MJ Legalization
  1. Eric on

    The bill being introduced by responsible Ohio is wrong on all levels. Basically ten wealthy individuals will have full control over all of the growing and selling and be the only people to profit from it’s sales. There are several other groups in Ohio introducing bills that are much better for the state. Ohio Rights Group and also Ohioans to end prohibition are two groups that are realesing fantastic bills. I encourage everyone to do their own research and back who they feel is best for our state.

  2. gentle jim on

    Friends, could/should we be trading all powerful monopolies(big Pharma, private prisons), and so on,for another all powerful monopoly?

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