$500K of medical marijuana oil missing in Minnesota

Minnesota authorities are probing whether one of the state’s two licensed medical marijuana producers illegally shipped $500,000 worth of MMJ oil to a sister company in New York.

The company in question, Minnesota Medical Solutions, is owned by Vireo Health, the same firm that owns one of the five MMJ business licenses in New York. Both states prohibit smokable MMJ, and allow only oils, tinctures, pills, and the like.

The investigation was kicked off after a former employee accused the Minnesota wing of Vireo of the shipment, which is illegal. That’s because it’s a Schedule I narcotic, and therefore cannot cross state lines. The employee alleged that the shipment was made in December to help the New York branch meet a production deadline, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

During the investigation, Minnesota officials have so far been unable to account for 5,580 grams of cannabis oil that were mostly shipped out after hours in December.

Vireo denied the allegations in a statement to the paper, and said that it is “confident the claims relied upon by regulatory authorities to begin the investigation will be found to be false.”

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4 comments on “$500K of medical marijuana oil missing in Minnesota

    This is exactly the type of activity that is giving the industry a black eye. Pure greed and dishonesty. So much for transparency.

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