7 Illinois MMJ Cultivators Approved to Start Growing

Illinois has given final permission so far to seven medical cannabis cultivation centers to begin growing MMJ, bringing the industry a big step closer to the start of sales.

The seven sites that have received the green light so far are PharmaCann, GTI, Nature’s Grace and Wellness, In Grown Farms, Ataraxia, and two by Ace, according to the Associated Press. The centers are spread all over the state, with only one near metro Chicago. The other six are scattered across more rural parts of Illinois.

Eleven more cultivation centers have received initial approval but haven’t yet gotten clearance to begin growing, the AP reported.

The first to start cultivation was Ataraxia in mid-July. Though there’s no word yet on when dispensaries are expected to begin opening, many in the industry estimate it will happen later this year.

4 comments on “7 Illinois MMJ Cultivators Approved to Start Growing
  1. Bob on

    So 7 licenses sounds like very free market capitalism to me. Why not give every person that applies for a permit a license? Hmm lobbyists, payoff, campaign contributions, stock tips just to mention a few possibilities. Good job Illinois do you politicians screw up everything? Please stay in Illinois.

    • Scott on

      Patients with a finacial hardship should be able to either grow their own or purchase at a discounted rate. The state is the biggest winner in all this and I am not sure that this states checkered political past will do the proper thing for its patients. Perhaps a state issued tag system for home cultivation..or compassion club/collective.Thoughts?


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