Add PTSD to Medical Cannabis List, Judge Tells Illinois

A judge in Illinois’ Cook County ordered the state’s medical marijuana program to add post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of qualifying conditions for MMJ within 30 days.

In what the Associated Press described as a “sternly worded” ruling, Judge Neil Cohen said the state’s medical cannabis director, Nirav Shah, wrongly ignored a state program board recommendation that PTSD be added to the list of qualifying conditions, and instead conducted his own analysis in violation of state rules.

The ruling was related to a lawsuit filed by a U.S. Iraq War veteran who sought medical cannabis for his PTSD but could not get it. There are seven similar lawsuits pending, filed by patients seeking to get various conditions added to the state’s condition list. Those conditions include post-operative pain, intractable pain, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, and autism.

Cohen said Shah deprived plaintiff Daniel Paul Jabs of his right to due process and violated program rules when he conducted his own investigation into whether PTSD should or shouldn’t be added. A state advisory board has recommended in the past that new conditions be added, but those recommendations have been rejected by Shah.

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6 comments on “Add PTSD to Medical Cannabis List, Judge Tells Illinois
  1. dana gignac on

    Once again an incompetent state official holds all the card and can painfully make lives more difficult for our returning Veterans!
    Our government is pathetic and governemtn employees show us this every day! Revolution is the only way out.

  2. Chris Winter on

    Does this mean Shah is going to lose his Directorship?
    How many times do these do nothing bureaucrats have to screw up before they lose their jobs and allow our Vets to seek and potentially remedy their ailments?
    Please follow up with the Shah story.
    Thank you.

  3. Jeff Madrid on

    Mr. Shah should be removed as Director if he violated and ignored recommendations of the state board. PTSD is no joke! After multiple deployments our troops have more exposure to trauma than any other troops in recent history. The V A. Is not doing enough for “seriously” troubled Vets.My heart goes out to these Brave men and women.

  4. Robert Rafferty on

    Judges should forces the state to stop treating the chroniclly ill like criminals in order to obtain a license to use. They don’t require this when it comes to the opiads that are destroying our communities actors this state.

    • Lawrence D. Goodwin on

      Good luck with that. Several years ago, Dr. Nirav Shah gave up the exact same position in the New York State Department of Health and moved to Illinois, only to be replaced here in NY by an equally arrogant bureaucrat, Dr. Howard Zucker. In January 2016, with the cold stroke of his pen, Zucker also denied thousands of NY veterans access to medical cannabis under the state’s 2014 Compassionate Care Act, rudely suppressing a much-needed expansion of NY’s medical cannabis industry (the addition of 4 more medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, were excluded at the same time). Zucker said there was insufficient evidence to prove cannabis helps veterans. Sadly, no NY judge is likely to contradict Zucker’s heartless administrative ruling any time soon. These guys are no different than the original anti-“marihuana” tyrant of the late 1930s, Harry Anslinger, or any of the successive federal Drug Enforcement Administration heads from 1973 onward—they are TOTALLY unaccountable to the voting public. I’d recommend class-action lawsuits in Illinois, New York and every single state where veterans are so deprived of safe and legal access to the miraculous medicinal qualities of female cannabis flowers (fraudulently called “marihuana” in federal and state laws for almost 80 unbearable years).

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