AG Nominee Opposed to Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis businesses may face obstacles if Loretta Lynch is confirmed as the next U.S. attorney general.

Lynch, who has been nominated to succeed Eric Holder, said during a confirmation hearing that she doesn’t support marijuana legalization and disagrees with President Barack Obama’s stance that cannabis is safer than alcohol.

Lynch’s stance is important, as the attorney general has the power to declassify cannabis as a Schedule I drug.

A White House official responded to Lynch’s statements, telling Buzzfeed News that prosecuting users, especially those with serious illnesses, is “not the best allocation of limited” law enforcement resources.

The current administration has publicly said it opposes the legalization of marijuana but that it won’t expend resources cracking down in states that have legalized MMJ or recreational cannabis and strict regulations on the industry.

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4 comments on “AG Nominee Opposed to Cannabis Legalization
  1. Clifton Middleton on

    What a disgrace. 40 years of government lies and we are still waiting for anyone in power to acknowledge the wrongness of criminalizing folks for pot. When will someone run for office that is not afraid of pot, who is not steeped in ignorance. We are the largest Affinity Group in the nation will no representation.

  2. Windy City on

    …hard to imagine how out of touch with the American culture many of our lawmakers and enforcers are, and how really uneducated they prefer to be, supporting the toxic industries of alcohol and tobacco over the known and proven benefits, through its cannabinoids, that marijuana represents…

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