Alabama bill to create medical cannabis study group advances

The Alabama Legislature might create a medical marijuana study commission that could recommend legislation for next year.

The proposal is a compromise after a Senate-passed bill to legalize medical marijuana hit opposition in the House of Representatives.

The House might vote Friday on the watered-down bill.

State Sen. Tim Melson, a Republican, said the measure would be a step toward allowing ailing patients to access medical marijuana.

Melson’s original bill would have allowed patients with certain medical conditions to purchase MMJ with a doctor’s approval.

The Alabama Senate approved the measure in a 17-6 vote, but the bill hit opposition in the House.

Previous efforts to allow medical marijuana have faltered in the conservative state.

– Associated Press

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One comment on “Alabama bill to create medical cannabis study group advances
  1. Douglas Carnes on

    The companies that are making pills of all types are lobbying to keep themself king of pain control.
    They dont want medical Jane it will hurt their pocket books .

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