Alaska board accused of undermining marijuana program

Members of Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board and some officials in the administration of Gov. Bill Walker are trying to slow the rollout of the state’s new recreational MJ program, an outgoing board member charged.

Bruce Schulte, who was removed from the five-member marijuana board last Friday by Gov. Walker, alleged that obstructionists on the board and in Walker’s administration were establishing unreasonably strict regulations that would hurt new cannabis businesses, according to Anchorage NBC affiliate KTUU.

“There’s an underlying agenda to subvert the process, to delay the implementation of a legalized marijuana industry,” Schulte said. “It doesn’t look like the state of Alaska is really serious about making this happen.”

A spokesman for the governor denied Schulte’s charges, and said Schulte was dismissed because of his job performance.

A replacement has not been announced. Schulte previously served as board chairman, but was removed from that post earlier this year.

The marijuana board issued its first licenses, for testing labs and cultivators, in June. The board is expected to issue its first retail licenses in September.

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3 comments on “Alaska board accused of undermining marijuana program
  1. Ed Gunter on

    Of course the politicians know what we the people REALLY want. Never mind how we voted. Same crap happened in Colorado. Just be sure to remember to vote in the next election. They are ignoring our wish, so send them packing. Maybe their replacements will notice how it works.

  2. mike on

    Vote them out and let them know it. Shout it from the tree tops, spread it across facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, and even Pokemon it to everyone that will listen. If they don’t follow the will of the people then they should not speak for the people. They are simple power struck bureaucrats, throw them out by voting.

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