Alaska, Oregon Rec Legalization Leading to Real Estate Boom

As Alaska and Oregon get closer to establishing their respective recreational marijuana industries, business-minded enthusiasts are hoping to secure storefronts and cultivation sites in the two states.

Alaska real estate brokers are already getting calls from people interested in setting up various types of businesses – even though lawmakers are still months from establishing rules and regulations on the industry, according to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

Realtor David Pruhs, who’s also a Fairbanks city councilman and a member of a borough planning commission, said prospective buyers should wait until they know what statutes are put in place concerning rec legalization.

Business owners should lease rather than buy lest they run afoul of possible future zoning restrictions, he said. It has become common, for example, for states or local governments to prohibit marijuana sales within 1,000 feet of schools.

Property is also in demand in Oregon, where the number of cultivation sites has jumped as growers prepare for the rec industry. The Portland area, for instance, now has 64 large-scale MMJ grow sites, an almost-threefold increase since 2012, according to analysis by The Oregonian.

Growers are reportedly shelling out big bucks to lease buildings as they wait for the state to craft rules on the rec industry.

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7 comments on “Alaska, Oregon Rec Legalization Leading to Real Estate Boom
  1. MJ Holdings on

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  2. DennisAnderson on

    The military people how need the MJ for whatever are being denied, and that seems strange because of all the dope they have used on them in the name of 3333333 33333333.
    In 1974 the Airforce fight i was in composed of 50 men who smoked cigs were unknowingly subjected to drugs that prevented us from coughing, sneezing, and taking a dump for 10 days! Now that’s one hell of a cough medication wouldn’t you say? SO whats the big deal about helping a vet out with a med. that’s
    been around tried and true for 10000 years.
    Oh buy the way i do not use the devils rose do to drug testing, and the fact that it is illegal in Texas. If i ever get a chance to go fishing in Co. i’ll be all over it.

    Whenever online i always put a word in for those who can’t, and it goes like this Child abuse in the 5th-9th months of gestation will be outlawed! (Revelation 9:1-12;21) of the bottomless pit of time traversal and varied interpretation.
    It would be so nice to see this industry of the madding killer MJ to put in some profits for a good cause! Hello Ed

  3. Treed on

    As an Alaskan, I can tell you this: we have no “lands” for sale for cultivation. EVERYTHING in Alaska must be grown indoors. Our costs are astronomical for cultivation here. I’m sure fortunes will be made up here but it will be like farmers in the Lower 48 — barely eeking out a living while the people how make things out of what they grow, making the real money. We are less than 1 million people, not even half of them are legal for buying it anyway! This is all like shooting fish — in a small barrel. A good bank would be smart, so would a couple of labs and a few dispensaries in the major cities with private delivery available via our small aircraft airline companies. We already have good supply companies, farmers with experience in this clime and type of growing, there IS no land so … what’s the big draw for outsiders? More homes for Baby Boomers … if they wanted to retire where MMJ was legal, the weather is better on them in AZ and CO than here! So, THEY are not comng here for that, and when they do come here, they keep their homes in the Lower 48 too and only come in summers! That is the current history and I don’t see how legalized pot is going to change their needs that much! We’ve had MMJ for years, and it’s not affected at all really. All this hoopla and for what?

  4. Norah Vanstone on

    I would do my homework before buying anything anywhere. With the nomination of an anti legalization attorney General we should wait and see what happens. Also the regulations aren’t formed up in Oregon, so these guys are getting ahead of themselves in the article. I don’t see things changing all that quickly in Oregon. It’s good to get in early but it could also end up being a bust. Time will tell.

  5. Jenni Mae on

    Living in Colorado in the Vail Valley where we average 400+ inches of snow the land people are trying to buy has nothing to do with outdoor cultivation, any everything to do with building a huge grow house to grow indoors. There are plenty of risks growing outdoors that can ruin an entire crop, as California knows. It is much easier and control able to grow indoors. It’s easier to keep mold, mildew, and other contaminants out of the plants indoors. Growers in these states have just about perfected indoor grows. As for not enough population to support the business in abundance 45% of the world’s population has at tried marijuana at least once. Our state government thought it would be 5 years before we brought in 40 million a year in tax revenue to meet our required goal. Colorado passed our amendment with the first 40 million going to our public schools. We brought in 60 million last year. Also think about how many people had to vote yes to get it passed in Alaska. Also think about how many people visit Alaska And how many more people will visit Alaska as soon as they can actually buy it. It is a very lucrative business at every level, even for the people who grow it.

  6. Jenni Mae on

    Don’t get me wrong though, I do want this recreational deal to go national like right now so people get out of my state and/or stop moving here.

  7. 5150 on

    I call bullshit on the real estate boom in Oregon .. The tax on weed is ridiculous … The people who are going to grow it are already in place in Oregon …

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