Alaska to probe erratic cannabis potency results at state’s labs

A committee will look at issues surrounding the testing of marijuana products amid inconsistency in potency results from Alaska’s two labs, the state’s top marijuana regulator said.

However, Erika McConnell, director of the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office, told Anchorage TV station KTVA she couldn’t estimate know how long that process might take.

During a recent Marijuana Control Board meeting, McConnell recommended a review of testing regulations and cited, among other reasons, evidence of “significant deviation” in potency-testing results of the same product by CannTest and Steep Hill Alaska.

Steep Hill said THC results from customers who had samples tested at both labs were higher in all 16 samples tested by CannTest — in some cases, significantly so.

Steep Hill also retested products it bought from retail stores and said it found variations.

The inconsistencies are greater than one would expect between two different labs, according to Steep Hill.

In a statement posted online, CannTest cited a number of potential factors that might contribute to the reported discrepancies but said that “without direct cooperation between labs any differences are difficult to determine.”

Steep Hill has suggested, among other things, that equipment at the state crime lab be used as a third-party check of test results coming from Alaska’s licensed marijuana testing labs.

– Associated Press

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One comment on “Alaska to probe erratic cannabis potency results at state’s labs
  1. Rick Fague on

    Been there, done that. Here in Washington we’ve had similar issues with our labs. Some were skewing the results to make products appear more potent, growers send the same sample to two labs and one picks up prohibited pesticides and the other doesn’t, that kind of thing.

    A top priority for states adopting rec or medical should be making sure their labs all operate using consistent standards and procedures and that the labs are regulated and monitored to ensure that they’re adhering to them.

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