Alaska Recreational Marijuana Rules Finalized

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Alaska has cemented rules governing its emerging recreational marijuana industry, giving entrepreneurs an idea of what it will take to run a cannabis business in the state.

The rules notably allow for on-site consumption at retail shops, a landmark move that is thus far unique among rec states. This will add a new – and potentially profitable – dynamic to running a marijuana store.

The rules go into effect Feb. 21, and the state must begin accepting license applications on Feb. 24. The first licenses will be awarded in early June, according to the Alaska Dispatch News.

When finalizing regulations, the state’s Department of Law struck down two key provisions in draft rules developed by Alaska’s Marijuana Control Board.

One involved a background check requirement that the board doesn’t have the authority to enact (that particular rule must come from the legislature).

The other was an attempted exemption for rural cannabis growers when it comes to testing.

The board had tried to give growers without access to roads an out when it came to required testing, since it’s technically illegal to ship cannabis via airplane to labs under regulations by the Federal Aviation Administration. That particular issue was left unresolved.