Alaska cannabis store warned over rule violation

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Alaska’s marijuana regulatory agency has shown some leniency toward a recreational cannabis store in Anchorage that was charged with violating the law by handing out free samples before it had opened.

The mistake stalled the Arctic Herbery’s bid for a retail license, but the Alaska Marijuana Control Board is letting the store’s owner off with only a warning, the Peninsula Clarion reported.

The board decided Thursday not to prosecute Bryant Thorp for the first alleged violation of the state’s commercial marijuana rules, according to the newspaper.

Thorp told the board he had discovered some personal marijuana as he was setting up the store in late October and used store equipment to roll joints with the cannabis. He then gave them to people who had helped him set up.

Thorp said he thought he was in compliance with Alaska’s personal-use law because the store hadn’t yet received its license.

Thorp is not in the clear yet, however. He is scheduled to defend himself next week in front of the Anchorage Assembly, which has frozen his license until the issue is resolved, Alaska Dispatch News reported.

A member of the assembly said the Alaska Marijuana Control Board’s actions will have no impact on next week’s hearing.