Alaska regulators seize imported CBD oil in raids

Alaska officials raided an unspecified number of recreational cannabis shops and seized “thousands of dollars worth of imported CBD oil,” the Alaska Journal reported.

A news release from the Alaska Marijuana Control Office confirmed Thursday that “several retail stores” appeared to be in violation of state laws that mandate specific testing, labeling and packaging for marijuana products. But executives from those shops told the newspaper they were confused because the seized oils were derived from hemp, not marijuana.

The incident illustrates the ongoing lack of clarity between federal and state law in differentiating between hemp products – which are legal to ship across state lines and are not governed as strictly as marijuana – and cannabis products, which must be produced in-state and can’t be taken across state lines.

“It was my understanding that hemp products and this product in particular were OK,” one Alaska rec shop owner told the Journal. “I was unaware that this would be an issue. I wouldn’t be selling it if I thought it would be a problem.”

The state doesn’t seem to have much in the way of answers; its statement said only that the control office will be monitoring the situation and that “further details will be released as they become available” regarding what MJ businesses can and cannot do with hemp and CBD.

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One comment on “Alaska regulators seize imported CBD oil in raids
  1. Lonnie Painter on

    The DEA has said over and over that CBD is on schedule one. Many of these producers of CBD claim it is extracted from the seeds and stalks of hemp plants if that were true it would be legal BUT seeds do not produce cannabinoids including CBD. So obviously they are lying and would probably be extracting it from the flowers and leaves which would be illegal. Why would someone disregard what the DEA says and believe the importer who of course says it’s legal

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