Alaska’s Marijuana Clubs Dwindle

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The number of marijuana social clubs in Alaska is shrinking amid confusion over whether they are indeed legal.

The confusion has led to a patchwork of conflicting local controls, according to the Alaska Journal of Commerce, which reported that Anchorage’s Pot Luck Events is the only marijuana social club still operating while not facing a legal challenge.

The Higher Calling in Fairbanks and Kachemak Cannabis Club in Homer have both shut down, and the city of Kenai is seeking an injunction against Green Rush Events.

The dues-paying clubs allow members to share and consume cannabis. But they don’t sell it themselves.

The confusion over their legal status has spurred municipalities to treat the clubs differently from a law enforcement standpoint.

Some clubs are still operating and haven’t faced a direct legal challenge yet, though local officials have indicated they plan to shutter the businesses.

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board and several localities have appealed to the state to clarify the law.

So far, however, Alaskan lawmakers have done no more than consider legislation that would apply a statewide smoking ban to the clubs. The measure is stalled in committee.

Alaskan voters approved recreational marijuana in November 2014.