Almost 400 apply for Ohio’s medical marijuana dispensary licenses

Ohio regulators are sorting through 370 applications for business licenses to open medical cannabis dispensaries.

Now that the deadline for applications has passed, the state’s Board of Pharmacy must begin the task of finding the best candidates, the Toledo Blade reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Ohio planned to award up to 60 dispensary licenses statewide, but no applications were received for two geographic districts that accounted for three of the permits.
  • Dispensaries can sell oil, patches, edibles, flower and other approved medical cannabis products.
  • The state prohibits smoking medical cannabis, but dispensaries will be permitted to sell flower to be vaporized.
  • The Commerce Department has the power to award more licenses based on market demand once the program is operational by Sept. 8, 2018.
  • No date has been set for license approval.
  • Licenses yet to be awarded: large-scale cultivation, processors and testing labs.

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2 comments on “Almost 400 apply for Ohio’s medical marijuana dispensary licenses
  1. Dave RPH CCP on

    It only makes sense to sell medical health products that need a doctors approval in a business that already does this. It is also one of the most trusted professions and we already know and strictly follow the rules and government regulations of how to safely dispense and record products like this for the health and safety of the patient. Also very accurate record keeping and patient monitoring and DRUG INTERACTIONS are their standard daily practice. It can easily be added into our business with less rules and regulations that government is trying to make. (Because most rules and regulations are already set for other much more potent drugs.) ………………………………. YES it is your LOCAL PHARMACY!……………………..WHY IS IT EVEN QUESTION?………………………We advise people on a daily basis about prescription medicine AND non prescription products that could interact with their meds. SAVE THE GOVERNMENT A LOT OF MONEY and let the DOCTORS and PHARMACY do what they do daily and were trained to do.

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