Another error found in Ohio medical cannabis license scoring process

The Ohio medical marijuana licensing process – already under fire – was found to contain yet another error on by the state auditor’s office.

According to The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, state auditor Dave Yost’s office found a discrepancy between the original scoring and the final results for at least one company that won a cultivation permit – Ohio Clean Leaf.

The Ohio Department of Commerce “acknowledged the discrepancy Monday but insisted the final scores awarded were accurate,” the newspaper reported.

The news of the error did not appear to be poised to affect any of the 24 grow licenses issued by the department.

However, it appears to be another self-inflicted wound for a state agency that is defending itself from three lawsuits and 67 administrative appeals from MMJ license applicants that contend the process was severely flawed.

Auditor Yost has also said the licensing system contained at least one “critical flaw.”

In a related development, the commerce department has recruited the accounting firm EY to take a close look at the scoring process used to process the cultivation licenses, Columbus Business First reported.

The accounting firm, previously known as Ernst & Young, helped the department respond to the latest reported scoring editor flagged by state auditors.

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One comment on “Another error found in Ohio medical cannabis license scoring process
  1. Ronny Sandman on

    I applied to the Ohio Lottery for a tier II (small) license. It was 126 pages long all in– a complete and total exercise aimed at only allowing funded large companies to compete.
    I guarantee you on quality of my proposal I was in the top 5 but the whole sysytem was already canted to Cronies and Ohio business relations.
    I am successful growing elsewhere and as soon as the FEDS reschedule Off 1–I can sell across state boarders and that will be sweet revenge to a POS State OHIO–corrupt and a bureaucratic NIGHTMARE. I would only stop there again to relive myself on a trip to somewhere else.

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