Cannabis adversary urges feds to shut down MJ industry

A prominent anti-marijuana group is urging the U.S. government to shutter the legal cannabis industry.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana sent a report to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and federal lawmakers claiming to show how the first three states to legalize recreational marijuana have failed to follow rules outlined in the Cole Memo and calling for the industry to be “systematically shut down” – beginning with its biggest players.

The Smart Approaches report – “The Cole Memo: 4 Years Later” – alleges that Colorado, Washington and Oregon have failed to comply with seven of the eight guidelines in the industry safeguard, such as preventing cannabis from reaching minors or crossing into other states, according to The Cannabist.

The Cole Memo is a nonbinding set of DOJ policies that were written during the Obama administration and have guided many state-level marijuana regulations, especially in the recreational cannabis sector.

The SAM report also recommends that “limited federal resources should be used to target the big players in the marijuana industry who are circumventing (DOJ) guidance and state regulations,” The Cannabist reported.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana President Kevin Sabet told the news outlet that “we do not want individuals prosecuted – we want the industry to be accountable. This industry – starting from the top – should be systematically shut down.”

13 comments on “Cannabis adversary urges feds to shut down MJ industry
  1. Manny Johnson on

    I have always had a great deal of respect for the mission of SAM which was always to keep BIG TOBACCO-like monopolies and controls out of the medical cannabis industry. I received and read this article in its entirety and feel compelled to point out the flagrant misconceptions represented here. I could easily write for hours about all the studies from around the world that have clearly demonstrated to the researchers involved and the patients saved because of the miracles are hidden on this remarkable plant. Why are so many of these miracles still hidden? We all know that since 2003 the U.S. government has had a patent on Cannabidiol as a Neuroprotectant. The patent was prepared and awarded to the HIH, the largest research institute in the world, based on scientific and medical studies that proved there were medical benefits to components to Cannabis. Big Pharma, the health insurance industry, the private prison system and a dazed and confused government and society which led us all to believe that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes to excess was “cool” and made us a “real” Man or a “Hot” Woman. In February, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine published a 480-page report in which over 24,000 studies were examined and reduced down to 10,000 to try and determine the real health benefits of Marijuana. The results are amazing if SAM and its founders and really every concerned citizen would read it… Marijuana has some very positive proven medical benefits and probably has much more if it could only be studied by medical researchers in controlled studies without the fear that the researchers would lose their licenses or future government grants. There are so many benefits that the general public has experienced and found helpful that millions of people in the U.S. and around the world use it daily to treat medical ailments in a safe and effective manner. Do children have more access to marijuana than some other harmful things in society like pesticide-ridden foods, water, “medicines,” social mores with no limits? Can states really be expected to control the movement of inter and intrastate commerce when we cannot even balance a budget and provide health care to people in need? My point is obvious and scary, at least to me… our priorities need to be focused on bettering the human experience not always fallen to past failed policies and missing the big picture. Blessings, Manny Johnson

    • Danielle Kelly on

      Bravo! Well written Manny!
      As a licensed medical professional with 20 years of acute care and intensive care experience- who is an outspoken advocate for cannabis use for all of its health benefits/ symptom relief properties and effects – I whole heartedly agree with your information presented here in your response to this article. Thank you for sharing your passion.
      Blessings to you as well.
      Danielle Kelly, RN

  2. Paul Sorensen on

    The wave is breaking, these people need to get out of the way. And how does their grand scheme work once Canada goes legal in less than a year?

    • ron youngblood on

      Canada has shown that it can lead in many areas that we as a country are weak in. Justin Trudeau the new prime minister will lead Canada in the right direction.

  3. clifton middleton on

    This is a set of Racists hiding behind a totally bogus and immoral government prohibition to institute Neo Slaver goals of disenfranchising Mexicans, Blacks and the God Blessed Hippies. Forget the Statues of Old Racist, Tear Down the Racists Laws that allowed the Police State to rise. Let My People Grow.

  4. ron youngblood on

    This SAM group is no more than paid off big pharm and alcohol people trying to work their magic on closed minded government politicians that will listen as in Jeff Sessions. You have to remember most of these but not all of these people like Jeff Sessions comes from the ” good ol boy era” where they were brainwashed into thinking marijuana was evil and on the same teaching doctrine that white people should own black people and all this came about from the brainwashed generations that were narrow minded and handed down to todays society.


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