Arizona adult-use and medical cannabis sales drop again in May

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Arizona’s adult-use and medical cannabis sales declined again in May.

According to data from the Arizona Department of Revenue and first reported by the Arizona Mirror:

  • Adult-use cannabis sales dropped to $82.9 million, down from $90.1 million the previous month.
  • Medical marijuana sales dropped to $28.2 million, a new low since recreational sales launched in January 2021.

Medical marijuana sales in Arizona peaked in April 2021 at $73.3 million, and the state’s adult-use sales peaked in March 2023 at $99.6 million.

The number of MMJ card holders has also declined to 126,938 as of July, down from 127,288 in May.

Senate Bill 1466, which passed that chamber of the Arizona Legislature in March, could bolster the medical cannabis market by lowering the price of MMJ cards from $150 to $50 for the general public.