Arizona AG retracts bid to make extracts illegal for medical marijuana patients

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Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has withdrawn his request asking the state Supreme Court to declare medical marijuana hashish and cannabis extracts illegal for MMJ patients.

His reversal could help ease the worries of MMJ companies across Arizona that stood to lose significant revenue from the sale and production of extracts if they were banned.

Capitol Media Services reported that Brnovich changed course this week after a filing from his office maintained that the resin extracted from cannabis should be outlawed.

In reversing his stance, Brnovich cited the unintended consequences for medical cannabis patients, including children, if they are denied access to marijuana extracts.

Brnovich’s spokesman said there are children who receive medical marijuana in liquid fashion to treat seizures and that the AG has a responsibility to uphold the will of voters. Arizonans narrowly approved MMJ in 2010.

The discussion stems from a challenge to a Court of Appeals ruling this summer that made cannabis extracts illegal as part of a case against Rodney Jones, who argues he was wrongfully convicted of felony possession for having 0.05 of an ounce of hashish.

What happens next is up in the air, since the state Supreme Court has not yet decided whether to take up the Jones case.