Arizona court backs limits on cannabis PTSD recommendations

Arizona’s Court of Appeals ruled that the former director of the state’s Department of Health Services did not violate the law when he decreed that doctors may recommend medical marijuana to treat only the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, not the illness itself.

Voters approved the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act in 2010. The health services director at the time, Will Humble, added PTSD to the state’s list of qualifying conditions in 2014.

Initially a skeptic of medical marijuana as a treatment for PTSD, Humble approved the use of medical marijuana with limits, Capitol Media Services reported. The restrictions included a directive that doctors could recommend medical marijuana only to PTSD patients already receiving conventional treatment and never immediately after a diagnosis.

Humble explained that he hadn’t seen proof that medical cannabis was an effective treatment for PTSD, Capitol Media Services reported. The Arizona Cannabis Nurses Association filed suit, arguing that Humble didn’t have the right to issue such restrictions.

But the appeals court concluded Humble did not exceed his authority when he issued the limitations, according to the Daily Courier. The court also ruled Humble was entitled to distinguish between patients who sought medical cannabis to treat PTSD symptoms and those who sought it as a cure for the disorder, according to Capitol Media Services.

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4 comments on “Arizona court backs limits on cannabis PTSD recommendations
  1. Cactus Bill on

    I guess being a Super Con politician in Arizona (my state) automatically bestows both Medical Doctor and Psychiatric degrees on office holders.
    Who knew?

  2. Gerald Garrett on

    Did 20 active duty and jumped out of skin. From that and pills given. I got shook real easy……. Herb smoked vaped and ate provides the best serenity. Please let there be Peace on Herb Worldwide.

    The experiment has been prohibition. This Botanical has grown wild all over the earth for millions of years used the same number of for people to keep their health. But no,,,,,, modern day laws force people to drink and smoke cigs of which combined lead to 600 thousand deaths a year of which our government condones as coincide with the collection of social security money. Prohibition the biggest conspiracy ever placed on humankind.

  3. susan a dumire on

    I know it calms my PTSD symptoms better than anything prescribed without side effects. Please ensure that marijuana is included in every state for medical use.

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