Arizona group files recreational cannabis legalization ballot measure

Arizona voters may get a chance to decide next year whether to legalize recreational marijuana, which could open up a host of new cannabis business opportunities if it succeeds.

Legalization advocates said they’ve filed paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State to put the question before voters in 2020.

They’ll need to collect at least 237,645 signatures from registered voters by July 2020 to qualify for the ballot.

Spokeswoman Stacy Pearson said advocates have learned from a failed effort in 2016, when a legalization initiative was defeated after getting only 49% of the vote.

That year, Arizona was the only political loss in what otherwise would have been a legalization tsunami, with California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada all legalizing recreational, as well as Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota all approving medical marijuana legalization.

The 2020 initiative, supported by the Arizona Dispensaries Association, would allow adults 21 and older to have up to 1 ounce of marijuana and would also create more retail MJ licenses, The Phoenix New Times reported.

The campaign already has drawn opposition from some in the business community and local politicians who are wary of the industry’s expanding footprint, according to

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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8 comments on “Arizona group files recreational cannabis legalization ballot measure
  1. Jeff Fleming on

    I am 70 yr. old and have parkensons. To slow in comming.Show me where to sign. I have 40 ac. If you need a place to plant it.

  2. Doug Hardwick on

    Please get it done! If they can sell alcohol then they have no excuse why marijuana shouldn’t be sold over the counter. I have rheumatoid arthritis and am forced to take meds that destroy my liver and kidneys. Medical marijuana is available to me. And it helps more thsn i csn say. How about all those who can’t get it and suffer just the same as i do? The populous has to wake up!!!

  3. Barbara King on

    We need Cannabis in all 50 states.
    My state North Carolina does not have it yet, A lot of people go to other states to buy
    Cannabis. The state is losing a lot of tax dollars.

  4. Robert Peterson on

    I have hep c wish they would legalize weed it would really help me out .feeling like I have the flu everyday is ruff . I don’t drink so I just suffer

  5. F. Young on

    The money brought in by recriational marijuana should be able to be allocated to parks and recriation, the revitalization of the city and its infrastructure, and other areas that lack funding.

  6. chrissy on

    It is interesting to me that they are also asking residents of AZ to renew for 2 years….even though there is pending legalization… sounds right. smh

  7. Kent Emory on

    The fix is in 25 mile law is in the recreational proposal don’t sign the petition don’t vote for it it’s a dispenser scam.

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