Arizona may be on verge of requiring medical marijuana testing

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has until Saturday to decide whether to sign legislation that would require medical marijuana and derivative products to be tested by an independent lab for pesticides, fungus, heavy metals and other impurities starting Nov. 1, 2020.

Senate Bill 1494 also would require the state Department of Health Services to issue lab certification rules for cannabis testing, according to the Arizona Republic.

Ducey’s office reportedly hasn’t said whether he will sign the measure.

The bill had overwhelming bipartisan support, but it’s unclear how Ducey, a Republican, will respond to a last-minute floor amendment that would slash in half the cost for a medical marijuana patient ID card.

Ducey, according to the newspaper, hasn’t intervened much in the state’s MMJ program.

But Arizona is considered a conservative state, and Ducey has opposed more liberal marijuana policies such as recreational MJ.

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3 comments on “Arizona may be on verge of requiring medical marijuana testing
  1. industry observer on

    unbelievable states like Arizona, RI, ect don’t require testing. Big wakeup call coming for cultivators.

  2. Brett Von Bergen on

    ASTM is currently, and already has, standards that address this exact issue. Point of fact, when Federal legalization happens testing will be mandatory on all hemp and cannabis products meant for consumption-whether animal or human. If you’re in the business make sure that you’re ready in the future for some further and continual expenses.

  3. Rita Pacchiana on

    I have found in my medicine things like pieces of rolling papers , containers not sealed , no harvest date , dried out . So yes they need to be checked. This has only happened once but that is too much .

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