Arizona’s medical cannabis card fees face court test

An Arizona attorney has filed a lawsuit asking the state’s Court of Appeals to decide whether the $150 patient card fee is legal, a move that could affect Arizona’s medical marijuana market.

Lawyer Sean Berberian claims the $150 fee is unnecessarily high, according to Capitol Medial Services, because it generates more than enough revenue to cover the cost of running the program.

After administrative costs, those fees have generated $38 million since 2011 for the Arizona Health Department, Capitol Media Services reported.

Berberian also claims in the suit that the health department has refused to “reexamine” the fees, according to the news outlet.

A superior court judge from Maricopa County, Arizona, rejected similar arguments made in another suit about six months ago, reasoning that courts cannot order agencies to change their administration policies, Capitol Media reported.

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2 comments on “Arizona’s medical cannabis card fees face court test
  1. Cactus Bill on

    Fact of the matter is that Arizona state government is saturated with ultra conservative types, who bow in unison to the extremist evangelicals in this state.
    They “hate” that Medical MJ was “forced” on the state via a referendum of the People.

    If there was any legal way to cancel MMJ availability here, it would have already been done.
    So while I applaud efforts to make an Arizona MMJ card affordable for the millions of Arizonans who work at or barely above minimum wage, I continue to be amazed that the program exists in this state at all.

    • Rick Fague on

      I think every state adopting MMJ and/or retail goes through their own version of this story. Their attitudes will no doubt change over time once they see for themselves that the positives outweigh the negatives in just about every way.

      When people they know start telling them about how beneficial MMJ, CBD’s, etc. have been for them, it’ll change a lot of hearts and minds.

      There were a lot of conservatives here in Washington who once thought MMJ and then retail would be an apocalypse but now they see it as just another business, not much different from a pharmacy or in retails case, a liquor store.

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