Arkansas awards five medical cannabis grow licenses, but sales still long way off

Arkansas awarded licenses to five marijuana cultivation companies after a court injunction suspending the licensing process was lifted.

The state’s Medical Marijuana Commission issued licenses to:

  • Natural State Medicinals Cultivation
  • Bold Team
  • Natural State Wellness Enterprises
  • Osage Creek Cultivation
  • Delta Medical Cannabis Co.

Each company paid a $100,000 license fee and a $500,000 performance bond.

With the issuance of those licenses, Arkansas has overcome a major hurdle in rolling out its MMJ program.

But the launch likely won’t happen until early 2019 at the soonest since regulators have yet to start reviewing dozens of dispensary applications.

The commission has received about 230 applications for 32 dispensary licenses and is considering hiring an independent consultant to assist reviewing them.

Regulators will review options for hiring the consultant, which will first require an emergency rule change, on July 12.

The move to hire a consultant was in part prompted by allegations of impropriety during the cultivation application process.

The court injunction halting licensing was issued in March by a county circuit judge who ruled that the award process violated the state’s 2016 constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana.

The state Supreme Court reversed the injunction decision last month, allowing the state to officially issue the licenses.

– Associated Press

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9 comments on “Arkansas awards five medical cannabis grow licenses, but sales still long way off
  1. Susan Hardin on

    This is outrageous. Once again, policy is being dragged out because of people who have no idea what an incredible medical product it is. Once again our laws are being overhauled for their benefit to get all the money they can make off this. Shame on politicians who subvert the law at the expense of patients’ critical needs.

    • Gary S. on

      I myself am diagnosed with PTSD as well I have had back and neck pains are truly mine, although, I went about getting medical Marijuana the legal way, I had rather be in pains than taking these opiates.shame, shame, shame on all of these Greedy money hungry political Bandits who keep denying over 5000 patients their medical Marijuana which was voted for by the people who truly care.God will deal with all of them.

    • Patricia on

      I was wondering when the mmj law was passed there since the story says it may be 2019 til you can purchase it. Living in Oklahoma I am thinking the governor and her partners will also drag their feet here.

  2. Alene D. on

    Once again, the constituents matter not to the politicians! Money and greed!..seems to be the main focus, not medical help for the people who elected them! Each official, who has blocked this law, in anyway, should be ashamed! I pray, everyday, for relief…for myself and the thousands of others who suffer chronic ailments. I believe if the greedy, ‘cog in the wheel’ politicians had family who were suffering, they would do anything…legal or not, to help that loved one gain a better quality of life. A better quality of life…that is what WE, THE PEOPLE of Arkansas, voted into law, November 2016. Now, two years later, WE, THE PEOPLE, still wait! Lawmakers, if you are not going to be an asset, please step aside! Let those of us who need this therapy, get it. Medical marijuana access in Arkansas, is LAW! Please help, not hinder, those who wish to follow the will of the voters! We, your constituents, deserve the best care and medicines our Arkansas doctors can provide. Show us you really do care! Move forward quickly with the growth and sale of Medical Marijuana for the patients of Arkansas!

  3. Jerry Meyer on

    If they are so incompetent that they cannot comply with the LAW that we the people whom they work FOR, have passed, two years ago, then they should at LEAST award patients the cards. Then we the people could go to another state and purchase relief!!!! But they refuse to help we help we the people [ whom again they work for ] because they might lose a dime of our tax monies. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WE ELECTED TO WORK FOR US! THEY NOW BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE OUR MASTERS AND THAT THEY CAN DECIDE WHAT WE CAN AND CANNOT HAVE !!!! FIRE OUR GOV.!!! STOP PAYING TAXES AND WE WILL GET THEIR ATTENTION.

  4. Jill Elizabeth Sparks on

    Why can’t the cultivators start growing before dispensaries get picked??? Greedy lil p#$%s!!!!!!!!!!! But someone pls answer.

  5. Snake Hunter on

    I know nothing about the time it takes for marijuana plants to grow but it seems like it should be less than a year. Is this just another hurdle our government has placed in front of citizens to keep us from finally getting control of elected officials.

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