Arkansas announces first medical marijuana dispensary licenses

Arkansas issued its first six licenses for businesses to sell medical marijuana in the state, another welcome development for cannabis company owners that have waited for the program to roll out since voters approved it in 2016.

Sales aren’t likely to begin until April at the earliest.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) said six of the 32 dispensaries the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission had announced it would license have paid the $15,000 licensing fee and posted the $100,000 performance bond.

A DFA spokesman said the department anticipates the remaining companies will continue to pay and post the bond over the next week.

The dispensaries can begin building or preparing facilities but must pass a final inspection before they can open.

One of the five cultivation facilities licensed by the state earlier this month was the first get approval to begin growing medical marijuana. It said it expects to have MMJ available for dispensaries in April.

Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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9 comments on “Arkansas announces first medical marijuana dispensary licenses
  1. Billy Scott on

    It would be great if the State would consider issuing a license for the area in the City of, Terrell, Ark.
    There is a retail lot of, 14.6 Acres available that will support more than 8 Towns in this area that could use an economic boost and greatly improve the tax base in the area of, Terrell, West Memphis, Jonesboro, Blytheville, Marion, Crawfordsville, Mark Tree, and others. This would be a win win for all.

  2. Deborah Dixson on

    Newport, AR can use the boost of economy Boost n Jobs more than West Memphis! ! Give Jackson County a Chance! Lots small communitie people need jobs!

    • Doug on

      Sorry Deborah, this isn’t about the health and well being, nor the wishes, of the people of Arkansas, it’s about the wealthy in this state getting more money from the poor and suffering. Why do you think it’s taken three years to get the first licenses issued? The legislators of this state care not about you and me, they care about their masters who feed their addiction with money and power.

  3. Bradley R Sanders on

    My name is Bradley Sanders I live in Harrison Arkansas will there be a dispensary near Harrison like Eureka Springs Berryville Green Forest Mountain Homes or anyting in this area please let me know.

    • Deborah Darby on

      From what I’m reading and understanding, they are waiting on the product to mature, be harvested, packaged and transported.

  4. Tanner on

    The Arkansas medical marijuana board has stolen over $26,000 from Arkansas medical marijuana patients in just under 2 months. I paid for a card that is only good for 12 months. Then I must reapply . Cards began being distributed in February 2019. In January there was over 6500 approved applicants. On average $4 dollars a month to be able to treat our diagnosis. But here we are in April 2019. 2 whole months. They have abused the system and committed fraud. They don’t care about the patient. Every one should demand 60 day compensation or pay all of us 8 dollars. You exercise your power by bullying people and lying to people. Example- I am late putting change in a parking meter. I get a ticket. Something that should be free. Call me petty but all I know it’s if I stole 8 dollars from the government. I’d have a warrant. I’d owe court fees. Equality? Democracy? A government for the people? Right your wrong.

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