Arkansas halts review of medical marijuana dispensary applications

Arkansas regulators have stopped reviewing applications from businesses that want to sell medical cannabis, weeks after a judge struck down the state’s licensing process for growing the drug.

A spokesman for the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) said Wednesday the Medical Marijuana Commission’s review of dispensary applications was halted in response to a judge’s ruling that prevents Arkansas from licensing businesses to grow medical marijuana.

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen last month ruled that the state’s licensing process for the cultivation facilities violated a 2016 voter-approved constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana for patients with certain medical conditions.

“We are under an injunction that voids the method of cultivation scoring. Therefore, dispensary application review is on hold as we review the situation,” DFA spokesman Scott Hardin said in a statement.

The commission had begun reviewing some of the 227 applications it had received for dispensaries to sell marijuana to qualified patients, and the department had previously said it was evaluating its next steps on the application process.

Hardin did not say how many applications had been reviewed. The commission can award up to 32 dispensary licenses.

Arkansas’ attorney general has appealed Griffen’s ruling to the state Supreme Court.

– Associated Press

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42 comments on “Arkansas halts review of medical marijuana dispensary applications
  1. Bill Patterson on

    If it was any other law would already be on the books it is absolutely ridiculous what’s going on I guess Our vote doesn’t mean much anymore oh well so much for the Democratic process like the first one said take aspirin and endure the pain

  2. Beverly Meyer on

    This ruling should not stop the dispensary applications from being reviewed. We as chronic pain patients should not have to wait for relief . Just another way to stall . We could have already had dispensaries up and reply is one of many. Please push forward with this problem.Some people do not know what it feels like to exist with chronic pain everyday. Don’t take away our hope.

    • jd avery on

      no shite,,i dont beleive griffen has the best interests of arkansans in mind,despite what he says,,,i feel this a stall tactic,,and griffen should be investigated,,,,,and if storm nolan was concerned about the sick instead of hid pocket book and potential business ,he would have been a graisious loser..when he speaks of the unfortunate out come,,his words sound hollow,they do not ring true,,,he has obvious poker tells/lying tells……if storm nolan does get a liscence i’ll drive an extra 100 mls out of my way to not buy from him…boycot nolan mmj…show him how real arkansans stick together…..bankrupt him in the first month,and make his business defunked…..find his phone # someone please,and let him know how arkansans feel about him… ’em out of arkansas on a rail……..

    • Honest Abe on

      You are incorrect. Dispensary applications have also been halted. Perhaps in 2019 or 2020 Arkansas voters will see their Prop 6 which was passed November 2016 finally be moved forward.
      Do not hold your breaths, however. This is the Bible Belt, you know. Politicians can halt anything
      they do not like from going forward by tying things up in court. That is how they make their money.

      • Mimi on

        You keep repeating yourself about taking two aspirin you must not have ever dealt with chronic continuous pain before or you would understand that aspirin an opium pain medicine is worse for you than medical cannabis so you need to do your research just saying

        • Kristin Kemp on

          Amen girl, I had a doctor mutilate my insides during a partial hysterectomy, aspirin don’t help that!!! This dude needs to quit repeating crap. He’s probably drinking vodka with the 2 aspirin ?

      • Mimi on

        . You must not have ever dealt with continuous chronic pain or you would not say take two aspirin and deal with it you need to do your research on medical cannabis and the benefits from it compared to all the aspirin and opium medication that does more harm to our bodies and doesn’t help with the pain just get you addicted to it. So you need to do your research before you just keep mouthing off just saying

  3. Richard Sample on

    I am sick of lawmakers that have not done honest research,how can anyone make any ruling on anything without fully researching the benefits ,look at the breakthroughs in Israel,once the evidence is out it becomes obvious its personal opinion that these people use as a foundation for law making which is far more dangerous than any cannabis based medicine.
    Study the facts,the truth. and then legislate.
    I foolishly stood against medical marijuana until I was forced to study it for a loved one,the medical benefits are astonishing and no one can challenge the drastic life changing benefits for multiple people suffering from multiple conditions,the only logical reason for the nonsense is uneducated opinion.Which is truly far more dangerous to Arkansans than anything else.

    • Kristin Kemp on

      Yes it is, and how many people have died from an overdose? If you take 12 aspirin you could die?! Not to mention opiates my friend has developed liver cancer the Dr suspected it was his long time use of hydrocodone ?

  4. Laura on

    I would like to know if the state would consider becoming a supplier of medical cannabis to qualifying patients until they get everything worked out for cultivation facilities and dispensaries. Is this not being legalized for people who need this for medical purposes? I don’t think anyone who truly needs cannabis would have a problem driving to Little Rock from anywhere in the state to get a months supply directly from the state. Why couldn’t the state get what they need from a grower in Colorado to dispense to patients? This is truly unfair to people who have uprooted their families, changed jobs, and made life changing decisions to move to Arkansas because they offered help to them, but will let years pass without coming through on their promise. Something needs to be done. I am not a qualifying patient, but love and care for someone who is. I am not in favor of protesting, but we need to speak out in some way.

  5. Edteach on

    This is where I diverge from conservatives. Stupid people who are afraid of Marijuana. I have degenerative Arthritis in my lower back from 30 years of floor covering work. I was prescribed Hydracodone in Fla but moved here and Drs are all scared to prescribe even Tramadol. I have a relative in the medical profession and they have contacts with people who can get Marijuana. I will just buy it from them till Arkansas gets its head out of its ass.

  6. Becky on

    Well it’s a so call process they say we passed it now give us what we voted for and paid doctors we get our pills snatched from us cause the word marijuiana comes up and our Dr thinks he is God and says oops they have marijuiana in them esp the ones who don’t understand our use now I’m tired of the pain I endure and I want what I voted for I’m still waiting patiently and why I don’t understand the ignorance one has to the law that was passed Big Deal someone gets pissed off cause they weren’t awarded a license to grow that was something that he should of thought about “Cry Baby Shit” in my book

    • Ghost on

      Im from ohio they have medical weed there and wished i had never moved here to Arkansas now but i can’t afford to pack up and move back to ohio because im on disability due to being in an explosion. Now there going to make me Wait for how long to get medical weed. I won’t do any kind of pills I’ve seen to many of my family and friends die from them.

  7. Darryl on

    While you’re trying to work things out, why not just send me my MMJ card so I can go to a State that’s already worked things out.
    Can someone post a reason why not.

  8. Deb Patterson on

    We are literally sick and tired of waiting.

    The people of Arkansas made their wishes known in November 2016.

    Darryl is right on!

  9. Beverly Meyer on

    I’m so ready to move! They CAN issue dispensary license and have it shipped in. Stalling everything! I wish these people had to endure just 1 day of our pain. I shouldn’t say that but pain is like torture. It works on every part of us.people do not understand until it hits home. God Bless stupidity.

    • Melissa on

      I second that! I was in such agony and sleep deprived because of unrelieved pain, I went Looney tunes (really). My SO offered that to me. I came back to myself and am now able to endure PT.

  10. Frank Martin on

    We voted for these people. Please do not re-elect any of them. Arkansas is once again being laughed at! Mean while my son like others continue to suffer from seizures! Many people suffer with pain and eat pain pills that does a bad job of relieving pain but an excellent job killing your liver. Mean while a plant that has been on earth since earth formed that actually does so much more than stop seizures and pain gets ignored. Why? Because big Pharm can’t reproduce it or profit off it! If they could it would have been approved and every state would have it. The politicians of this state and this ignorant judge have failed the people of this state.

  11. Greg jacobs on

    Soooo glad we voted for this in the “natural” state,somebody show me where the pill bushes are? I guess we can keep buying it off the street, governing officials are a joke, $7500 just to apply?!? Get real idiots! They just want the money without giving product! Crappiest drug dealers ever! Most dealers will at least give you some BS buds or expect you to shoot at them. Hope everyone who opposes gets Parkinson’s, feel my pain then tell me cannabis doesn’t work! I’d move if I could afford to but nonstop doctor bills won’t allow that!!! Thanks Natural state!

  12. Dying4MMJ on

    I have stage 4 cancer and a condition that makes it very difficult to absorb nutrients, along with severe nausea and vomiting to the degree I’m severely malnourished. Marijuana is literally the only thing that stops the constant throwing up…I’ve tried everything the doctors have prescribed.

    This A-hole Judge is invited to my house, to see what it’s like to watch a human being starve to death slowly. My children see it. This is nothing but a flipping stall tactic…these people care nothing for people who need help NOW! Vote these uptight, ignorant yokels out!

  13. Georgia on

    Send out the medical marijuana cards already. We can Caravan to other states that don’t have their heads up their butts and finally get the medicine we voted for.

  14. Karen Elmore on

    This is unreal!! What is taking so long and what’s the problem Arkansas? We passed this 2 yrs ago now and still nothing. How can this happen? Oklahoma just passed, but I bet they have theirs up and running before we do. Well, I think that the judge should need it himself and see how it feels to not have ANY relief.

    I’ve suffered for years with every layer of my back/neck affected and even had ACD & F Spinal Diskectomy. Plus, I have DDD, Spinal Stenosis and Spondylosis, not to mention all of the herniations, compressed fractures and protrusions. I also have chronic Lyme disease and Adrenal Insufficiency. I was prescribed Opiods and took that mess for 11 yrs. I’m glad that I’m OFF all of the Opiod medications, but I am still in pain. Looks like there’s no relief in sight, until they get the dispensaries open.

    I was forced to get off the Opiods because they said I was taking too high a dosage. Really, a 50 mcg patch and 4 Norco a day…is too high for what I have wrong with me? Okay, I am off and over the Opiods now and will never go back to taking them again, but where is my back-up plan Arkansas?? I sure didn’t like going through those wds either, but it is done. I’ve been off since March ’18!!!! 😮 4 mos of suffering!!

    Now, I don’t have anything to relieve my pain. IT is inhumane to make someone suffer…intentionally and keep their relief at bay. It is like they are dangling it on a stick, like a carrot and torturing us with it. I am tired of being in pain and I’m really trying to do what is right!

    Hey, I’m off all the opiods and yes, I am grateful for that, but I still need some form of daily pain relief. Even, if that is just a low dose of would help me. It is a huge accomplishment on my part getting off of the opiods. I’m happy that I’m done with it and even tried taking Alleve for my pain. It helped, but scared of it because it causes me to bruise everywhere. When I take Motrin, it hurts my ulcer and Tylenol doesn’t help much because I have to take such a high dosage to get some relief. That isn’t good either. I need some form of pain relief that will help me and I want something natural. That is MM!!!
    Come on Arkansas….get the dispensaries up and running…please!!

    • Kristin Kemp on

      I just found out there is a dispensary open in little rock already but in my town the only thing we have are gangs!!!

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