Arkansas rules on smoking medical cannabis, staffing go to governor

The Arkansas Senate has approved regulations on where medical marijuana can be smoked as well as requirements for staffing dispensaries.

According to the Arkansas News, the next stop for House Bill 1400 is the desk of Gov. Asa Hutchinson. If he signs the measure into law, it will ban patients from smoking medical cannabis:

  • Anywhere that smoking tobacco is prohibited.
  • In the presence of someone younger than 14.
  • In a vehicle.
  • In the presence of a woman the smoker knows is pregnant.
  • In a space – likely small and enclosed – where non-MMJ patients could be affected by the cannabis.

The rule also forbids anyone younger than 21 to smoke medical marijuana.

The Senate also passed Senate Bill 271, which would require a dispensary to establish a “pharmacist director,” according to the Arkansas Times. That person would be available to the dispensary by phone and to patients via phone or video during business hours.

SB 271, which now advances to the House, would also require dispensaries to sell vaporizers but would forbid the outlets from selling or providing smoking paraphernalia such as pipes or bongs, the newspaper reported.

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2 comments on “Arkansas rules on smoking medical cannabis, staffing go to governor
  1. bryan bowling on

    so there is a new job title in the land “online and on-call pharmacist” That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen…that would cost each dispensary at least 250,000.00-300,000.00 a year…because you would need a couple of them.

    • jeffrey on

      anything to stonewall the implementation of arkansas mmj program….these people know absolutely nothing about mmj ,pharmacist included. yet, they make the rules. the doctor prescribing the mmj will know far more than any pharmacist.your doctor will know your history and current medications,and as a mmj licensed doctor,will have professional,if not a personal investment in the proper administering of mmj ,and possible side effects and drug interactions ….the doctor will also know more about different strains of mmj,and the effectiveness of certain illness’.like in all medications,the doctor will know the proper dosage per strain. how ever ,it might be a good idea to have a web sight that defines the different characteristics of mmj strains, available to patients…there are several on google,but is quite confusing to get to the best ones…charts and graphs are the best ones, in my opinion.they are the easiest to a fibromyalgia sufferer,with a broken back and severe head and neck injuries,that happens to be allergic to opiate pain killers,and who has kidney/liver damage from all the different medications over the years,i am very much for medical marijuana…thank you and god bless,may you always be with enough…………………………………..jeffrey d.

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