Australia Legalizes Medical Cannabis

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The Australian Parliament has set the stage for the nation’s states to follow their American counterparts when it comes to medical marijuana, by approving a legalization bill this week that allows for widespread MMJ cultivation, sale and use.

The next step, according to the Inquisitr, is for Australia’s individual states to legalize MMJ. The federal government meanwhile will begin a rulemaking and licensing process through the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which will use a separate advisory committee to create a new agency to oversee MMJ rules for the entire country.

It will likely be another six months before MMJ growers and dispensaries will be able to begin applying for licenses under the Therapeutic Goods Act, the Inquisitr reported.

There will be two types of licenses, according to the provisions of the bill: one for cultivation and one for MMJ production. Businesses will be able to obtain both types of licenses.