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Jeff Smith

Jeff is an award-winning business journalist who has worked as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers in Colorado, Maine, New Mexico and Alabama. He also has worked as a journalist overseas in Asia and West Africa. His stories have appeared in National Geographic online and The New York Times, among other publications.

New York adult-use marijuana legalization appears stalled

Recreational cannabis legalization in New York likely will be shelved for now because of the coronavirus crisis, but experts expect the legislation to be back in play later this year. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday the state isn’t likely to legalize rec cannabis as part of its budget bill because it’s “too much, […]

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Cannabis groups urge SBA loans made amid coronavirus crisis

A cannabis industry coalition is urging Congress to ensure that state-legal marijuana businesses are eligible for emergency loans from the Small Business Administration during the coronavirus outbreak. The SBA announced earlier this month that it would provide disaster assistance in the form of low-interest loans of up to $2 million each to small businesses affected by […]

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Florida lawmakers nix THC cap for younger medical marijuana patients

The Florida Senate killed a provision that would have limited THC in medical cannabis to 10% for patients younger than 21, which could have been costly to businesses. A number of states recently moved to restrict THC, but so far the measures have failed. Still, the trend is worrisome as businesses would be required to […]

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Many marijuana companies increase costly sick pay policies due to coronavirus

Cannabis businesses – like mainstream U.S. companies – are extending sick pay provisions in response to the coronavirus pandemic to help ensure employees and customers remain safe and healthy. The measures could prove costly for marijuana companies in the short term at a time when some are struggling financially, but the hope is that stringent health […]

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Cannabis shops take preventive measures in response to coronavirus, report fewer customers yet larger purchases

Marijuana retailers are seeing customers stocking up on products as the coronavirus spreads across the United States. Stores also are implementing extra precautions to keep both customers and employees safe. Here are some of the approaches cannabis businesses are taking in response to the health crisis: Increasing social distancing and sanitation. Prioritizing medical marijuana patients. […]

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Alabama Senate passes medical cannabis bill

The Alabama Senate on Thursday passed a medical marijuana bill that would license 34 dispensaries across the state. The bill also would permit people with a doctor’s recommendation to use MMJ for 15 conditions. In addition, the measure allows medical cannabis in forms such as pills, skin patches and creams but not in smoking or vaping […]

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Large cannabis operators positioned to dominate potential Arizona recreational cannabis market, shut out small businesses

Arizona’s fast-growing, roughly $750 million a year medical marijuana market was fortified by multistate operators (MSOs) that moved into the market and invigorated lackluster operations, cannabis experts say. And now an even bigger potential prize looms: A recreational cannabis market that the state’s voters could legalize in November. But some experts worry that the industry-backed recreational cannabis […]

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US House panel approves medical marijuana bills to help veterans

A key U.S. House committee on Thursday advanced a bill that would increase access to state-legal medical cannabis for military veterans, which could increase MMJ sales. The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee approved the bill, the Veterans Equal Access Act, by a 15-11 vote. The bill specifically would allow VA doctors to provide medical marijuana recommendations […]

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Marijuana businesses fight state efforts to limit THC content in flower, concentrates

Lawmakers in several states have sought to limit the amount of THC in cannabis – moves that, if successful, would likely result in costly business adjustments, loss of sales to illicit markets and other disruptions. Marijuana industry officials fighting back against the limitations say the proposals are based on questionable science, including a controversial study […]

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