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Omar Sacirbey

Omar has been a professional journalist since 1998, covering everything from international business and Wall Street to politics and religion. His stories have appeared in Newsweek International, the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today and other major outlets. Omar graduated from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 1998, and prior to that he was a Bosnian diplomat. He is based in Boston.

Indoor marijuana grower keeps strict schedule to maximize output, avoid bottlenecks

Perhaps the most important tool that Chris Ball, owner of Ball Family Farms in Los Angeles, has in his cultivation toolshed is database software Microsoft Excel. “Our best friend is that computer program,” said Ball, explaining that he depends on Excel to plan and coordinate the seven strains he grows annually in eight grow rooms […]

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Wrigley chewing gum heir to take cannabis MSO Parallel public via $1.9 billion deal

Chewing gum heir William “Beau” Wrigley Jr., the CEO of Atlanta-based Parallel, struck a mammoth deal with an entertainment mogul to take the cannabis multistate operator public through a transaction that values the company at $1.9 billion. Ceres Acquisition Corp. – a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) co-founded by Scott “Scooter” Braun – will buy […]

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Growing marijuana regulators group pressures Congress

The Cannabis Regulators Association, a recently formed but potentially influential marijuana industry group, welcomed an overseer of the country’s biggest MJ market into its fold while pushing Congress on six key reform demands. California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control on Thursday became the newest member of the Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA), a nonpartisan group formed last […]

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Maine recreational cannabis sales booming; new testing lab opens

A maturing recreational cannabis market in Maine is driving higher sales and lower prices – and consumers are spending more. Maine’s 15 licensed adult-use retailers conducted 33,521 transactions worth $2.47 million in sales in January alone, the Portland Press Herald reported, citing statistics from the state’s Office of Marijuana Policy. The average price of flower […]

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Delaware doubles number of medical cannabis licensees

Delaware increased the number of medical cannabis business licensees from three to six, a reflection on medical cannabis card registrations soaring nearly 40% last year over 2019. According to the Dover-based Delaware State News, the three new licensees, their expected openings as well as locations are: CannaTech Research: Anticipated to open April-June in Dover and […]

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Massachusetts medical cannabis patient numbers top 100,000

The number of medical cannabis cardholders in Massachusetts has soared by more than 30,000 in the past year and now is at its highest level since the state’s first dispensary opened in June 2015. There are currently 100,000 medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts, the Boston Business Journal reported, up from 67,742 registered cardholders in March […]

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Judge shoots down South Dakota’s adult-use cannabis amendment

In a major blow to South Dakota’s nascent legal marijuana industry, a circuit court judge ruled that a voter-approved constitutional amendment legalizing adult-use cannabis is unconstitutional. The recreational marijuana amendment would have gone into effect July 1, but that won’t happen unless the judge’s order is overturned on appeal, the Associated Press reported. Former U.S. […]

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DEA might start issuing cannabis cultivation permits in early 2021

After years of delay, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration could soon begin issuing licenses to businesses and institutions to cultivate cannabis for scientists researching the plant. “I expect them to start issuing licenses no later than the first half of 2021,” said Richard Shain, president of Maridose in Boca Raton, Florida. Maridose is one of […]

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