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Omar Sacirbey

Omar has been a professional journalist since 1998, covering everything from international business and Wall Street to politics and religion. His stories have appeared in Newsweek International, the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today and other major outlets. Omar graduated from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 1998, and prior to that he was a Bosnian diplomat. He is based in Boston.

The future of the medical marijuana industry: Q&A with Andrea Small-Howard, chief science officer at GB Sciences

Andrea Small-Howard has a unique view into how the medical side of the cannabis space is evolving. She’s the chief science officer at GB Sciences, a Las Vegas-based marijuana company pursuing two strategies – one recreational, and the other aiming for U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of its medical cannabis products. Small-Howard has […]

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Global Cannabis: Seven Global Players Worth Watching

There are seven businesses worth watching as they attempt to capitalize on the numerous business opportunities in the global marijuana market for entrepreneurs and companies with ambition. And check often for new updates. Looking for where else the action is taking place in the global cannabis market? Here is our list of seven countries to keep […]

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Global Cannabis: Jamaica

Milestones in the Medical Cannabis Program In 2015, Jamaica amended its so-called Dangerous Drug Act, which prohibited and punished marijuana cultivation, distribution and consumption, to establish a Cannabis Licensing Authority and develop an MMJ industry. In 2016, authorities finalized regulations and began accepting business license applications.   Key Laws and Regulations Dangerous Drugs Act of […]

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Global Cannabis: Israel

Milestones in the Medical Cannabis Program Israel has allowed medical cannabis use with a physician’s prescription since 1973, but an industry didn’t begin to take shape until the 1990s.   Key Laws and Regulations Dangerous Drugs Ordinance of 1973 Government Resolution 1587 of 2016 Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, Amendment 16 of 2019   Market Data Israel’s […]

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Craft cannabis, capitalism & for-profit co-ops: Q&A with Flow Kana CEO Michael Steinmetz

In a time when giant multistate marijuana companies dominate the U.S. cannabis landscape, legitimate concerns exist that they will drive craft and small cultivators out of the legal cannabis industry. But Michael Steinmetz, who founded California cannabis company Flow Kana in 2015, believes big-time capitalism – or at least his business model – can save […]

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