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John Schroyer

A Sacramento-based journalist, John had focused on Colorado politics for most of his career, which included covering the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. In 2012, he covered the Amendment 64 campaign to legalize recreational marijuana for The Colorado Springs Gazette. As then-video editor for The Gazette, he was on hand for the first-ever legal recreational marijuana sale in Denver on Jan. 1, 2014. He’s been writing about the cannabis industry since joining Marijuana Business Daily over the summer of 2014.

Illinois marijuana retailers in potential $2B market expect long lines, possible supply shortages as adult-use sales kick off Jan. 1

Illinois cannabis retailers are thrilled at the prospect of large crowds of customers and high demand at 6 a.m. CT New Year’s Day, which is when state lawmakers said several stores can begin adult-use recreational sales. Anticipating long lines and cold temperatures, companies are going the extra mile to keep customers happy. One business, for […]

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Statewide delivery policy ‘critical’ to cannabis industry success, California insiders say ahead of key court case

A controversial policy adopted last year by California that allows delivery of marijuana products anywhere in the state – even into areas where local municipalities have banned adult-use cannabis stores – is crucial to the ongoing success of the legal market, according to several delivery company officials. Those same officials told Marijuana Business Daily they fear […]

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California agency suggests state marijuana tax system shift to potentially lower rates, address illicit-market threat

An independent California state agency issued a long-awaited report about the state’s cannabis tax system, and its recommendations include a major overhaul that would simplify and possibly reduce marijuana tax rates. The goals of the report were to assess how California’s marijuana taxes can best undercut the illegal market, discourage cannabis use by youth and […]

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Multistate cannabis operator MedMen reveals another round of layoffs

Vertically integrated marijuana company MedMen, one of the most high-profile cannabis retailers in the U.S., announced more layoffs on Wednesday. “This week, the company provided layoff notices to an additional 20% of its corporate-level employees,” MedMen said in a news release. “In total, over the past 30 days, the company has strategically reduced its corporate […]

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California marijuana tax hike puts future of legal market in spotlight amid worries over state industry’s viability

Flurries of meetings and negotiations have occurred behind the scenes in Sacramento since California announced a cannabis tax increase last month. The stakes surrounding these discussions – all aimed at lowering the marijuana industry’s tax burden – are nothing less than the survival of the state’s legal marijuana market, according to some industry watchers. Representatives from multiple […]

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Hopeful L.A. cannabis market entrants bleed money as they wait again – this time for licensing audit

The Los Angeles marijuana market is enduring more licensing delays. This time, it’s for a government-ordered audit of the city’s cannabis regulators.  It means more uncertainty for marijuana firms. And, perhaps most excruciating, it means more money down the drain. That’s the ongoing narrative surrounding the L.A. marijuana market, where hundreds of entrepreneurs have waited […]

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Hundreds of California marijuana business licenses still suspended and likely going unused

Almost 4% of California’s state marijuana business permits remain suspended weeks after regulators put more than 400 in limbo for not participating in mandatory track-and-trace system training. The number of suspended permits has fallen – but remains sizable. As of Tuesday, 277 out of the 407 permits involved had not received reinstatement to “active” status, […]

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California marijuana taxes will increase New Year’s Day

After having avoided an increase in state taxes on legal marijuana, California officials changed course Thursday and announced MJ excise and cultivation taxes will go up effective Jan. 1. High state and local tax rates have been an industry problem that have made legal businesses less competitive with the illicit market: Unlicensed retailers can lure […]

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No one clear path around California marijuana industry’s major business woes, insiders lament

California’s cannabis industry continues to struggle with problems that remain much the same since early 2018 when the state transitioned to a legal market – and no clear solutions have yet emerged.  At a two-day marijuana industry conference in Long Beach, California, this past weekend, state regulators and industry insiders mingled to lament those familiar […]

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