Baltimore MMJ Entrepreneurs Push for Zoning Change

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Entrepreneurs in Maryland asked Baltimore County officials this week to revise a proposed ordinance that would severely restrict where medical cannabis can be grown.

The current version of a proposed county law would restrict cultivation sites and processing facilities to industrial areas, meaning rural properties would be off limits, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Some potential applicants for the state’s eventual 15 cultivation operations want the flexibility to be able to grow on properties they already own in rural areas, the Sun reported. That idea has support from at least one council member.

“Everyone’s going to want a stand-alone warehouse, which we already have,” one interested grower told the council.

The debate comes as the state is preparing to begin accepting business applications for growers, up to 94 dispensaries and an undetermined number of MMJ processors that would produce extracts and edibles.

The updated version of the proposed county regulations would require dispensaries to be located in business zones. They would also need to set up shop at least 500 feet from schools and other dispensaries.

The county is slated to vote on the new bill next week.