Behind the Cover: Photos from Marijuana Business Magazine’s January Issue

In the January issue of Marijuana Business Magazine, 22 women who are blazing new trails in the cannabis industry offer their best business advice for the new year in our cover story, Women to Watch in 2019. Elsewhere in the issue, cultivators give hard-earned insight about how to lower costs, we summarize the most critical takeaways from 2018’s record-breaking MJBizCon and more.

Women to Watch in 2019 celebrates the innovative women charting a path to success in the cannabis industry. In November 2018, Good & Green and 48North announced a plan to merge under the corporate banner 48North. Jeanette VanderMarel and Alison Gordon are co-CEOs, making 48North Canada's only licensed producer run by two women. They're only one of the success stories you'll want to read. (Photo by Cole Burston)
Jeannette VanderMarel has resigned her position as CEO of Beleave. (Photo by Cole Burston)
"A lot of cannabis companies are like, 'We're going to do everything.' But for us, we're going to do what we do well," said Alison Gordon. "We think there is growth in development that can come with keeping yourself really focused and contained." (Photo by Cole Burston)
Faced with falling wholesale prices, growers have become Cost Cutters who save on labor by using LEDs and mixing their own nutrients. The rolling tables at SunMed Growers include irrigation and drainage. "The three most expensive things in a cultivation operation are lights, humans and nutrients," said Jesse Peters, a Candy, Oregon-based grower who is director of operations for C21 Investments. (Photo courtesy of SunMed Growers)
In Science + Ethics, Somatik co-founders Christopher Schroeder and Clayton Coker explain, "High-quality ingredients don't happen by accident. They happen when the supply chain has livable and sustainable wages. A lot of brands are focused on cheap. We're focused on what's right." (Photo courtesy of Somatik)
Marijuana Business Magazine is Taking Stock of inventory this month. If you're a cultivator with too much inventory on hand, don't rush product to the market. It solves an immediate need for cash flow, but it undermines your brand and marketing strategy. (Photo courtesy of Pakalolo Supply)
Wana Brands sees a 20% sales swing between slow and busy seasons. Months with slow retail sales are the perfect time to replenish backstock and brainstorm new products. Hiring temporary employees to get you through busy season is an option. (Photo courtesy of Wana Brands)
Top Insights from MJBizCon 2018: "Be super careful acquiring new strains," L'Eagle Services owner and co-founder John Andrle warned. "That's the devil hitchhiking his way into your grow." (Photo by Soliman Productions)
Attendees of the cannabis industry's largest event also heard about hemp as a food supplement. "How many things that we eat as food are also a supplement? That's a discussion we're going to be having more often in hemp," said Avnish Pandya of the Bombay Hemp Co. (Photo by Soliman Productions)
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