Bill extending rec rules to MMJ industry sent to CO governor

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A bill sent to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk would apply rules governing the state’s recreational marijuana business to medical cannabis licensees and product manufacturers.

The legislation, approved by Colorado lawmakers, includes provisions aimed at helping MMJ businesses in a variety of areas, local broadcaster Denver 7 reported. It’s not clear whether Hickenlooper will sign the measure, which won wide backing in the legislature.

According to Denver 7, the bill would:

  • Allow MMJ licensees to move their businesses anywhere in the state, with state and local approval. Currently, MMJ licensees can move their businesses only within the city or county.
  • Allow MMJ licensees to “remediate” any product that tests positive for microbials before it is required to be destroyed, a privilege rec licensees currently hold.
  • Allow manufacturers of MMJ-infused products, such as edibles, to buy and sell medical cannabis to or from each other.

The legislation also would require a license for medical marijuana businesses that profit from cannabis but don’t own property. That requirement currently applies only to adult-use businesses.

Before heading to to the governor, the bill passed the Senate unanimously, 35-0, and passed the House 63-1, Denver 7 reported.