Bill reintroduced in US Senate to remove cannabis from Controlled Substances Act

marijuana Controlled Substances Act, Bill reintroduced in US Senate to remove cannabis from Controlled Substances Act

New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker reintroduced legislation that would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, effectively meaning state-legal cannabis businesses would not have to fear federal interference and could gain normal access to banking services.

The Marijuana Justice Act, first introduced by Booker and Rep. Barbara Lee, a California Democrat, in 2017, is being supported by presidential candidates including Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Kamala Harris of California, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. All are Democrats except for Sanders, who is an Independent.

But it remains to be seen how the measure will fare this year.

Industry officials are bullish about the prospects of federal reform, but experts say any reform package likely would need Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s support.

“Senator McConnell is a key gatekeeper for Senate votes and passage, and I have no reason to think he wants to see any significant reforms enacted in the coming year, especially after he got hemp reforms passed late last year,” Douglas Berman, director of Ohio State University’s Drug Enforcement and Policy Center, told Marijuana Business Daily.

A number of marijuana bills are being reintroduced in the House and the Senate that would call for comprehensive reforms or that would resolve specific issues such as access to banking and fair taxation.

The Cannabis Trade Federation has beefed up its lobbying efforts to try to get the STATES (Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States) Act passed. That measure would allow states to determine their own cannabis policies with full federal protections.

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8 comments on “Bill reintroduced in US Senate to remove cannabis from Controlled Substances Act
  1. J on

    It won’t happen until the large corporations have their systems set up to make as much money as possible, for example constellation brands. It’s ok for them to grow hemp, but not the rest of us, you can buy it in a store and pay 30% tax, but you can’t grow it at home… When are we as Americans going to unite and say enough with this corporate/government greed? How much money is ENOUGH? The 1% have our government bought and paid for. Enough, is enough. If cannabis is so bad and illega, why does the United States own a patent on it, we are being blatantly lied to, it’s too bad that things like this are happening, meanwhile we have our heads up our ass….

  2. Bill Townsend on

    To get any significant legislation passed a few things need to happen:

    A bill must remove cannabidiols from the DEA Schedule (it is currently a Schedule 5);

    A bill must instruct the USPTO to not award patents for naturally occurring substances and to invalidate any already issued (ex. GW Pharma’s Epdiolex);

    A bill must outline truth in advertising and truth in labeling rules;

    A bill must require unified testing of all cannabis products for pesticides, heavy metals, microorganisms, etc. to help protect consumers;

    A bill must NOT address past cannabis crimes and jail sentencing. This needs to be done after the legalization of cannabis.

    • david smitt on

      Don’t forget the main bill, the one that picks our pockets. That will be the driving force, money!
      Money for them, money for their corporate friends and money just for the heck of it. Other than some of the players listed in the article, most politicians still claim by their actions that weed is still a dangerous lethal plant that must be stopped. They will protect the children at all costs. Well unless they can profit from it, then it’s OK.

  3. MICHAEL on

    In my opinion, the working hours of the US government departments are too long and their work efficiency is extremely low. The economy is developing very slowly.

  4. Shane London on

    I’ve been studying & investing in MMJ & MJ penny stock market since 2015. Looking back, only few states had only MMJ. Today we have about 32 states w/MMJ & 18 states w/MJ. Yet the prices of penny stocks (dismiss Canada), are about or less their worth that were in 2016 & daily coming down. The 4yrs. on the market has been a tremendous waste of money for those that are in the market. Its not how many states & their counties or countries legalize MMJ & MJ. Its up to gov. to create legislation to make it official w/banking regulations so the companies can be free to invest their profits. The public & investors are & will be duped till that happens & that might happen in 2025 or even later. From experience in investing, the future looks bleak & I would recommend the investor to wait 5 yrs. before purchasing any penny stocks. The info public receives on the growth possibility is pure propaganda. The facts are NOT fiction. Current prices are lower in 2019 than they were in 2016 & dropping daily. Ex: ACAN, AMMJ, CANN, CBDS, GSRX, MJNE, GLDFF, TRTC & the worst is PNPL which dropped from $6.44 to $0.40 cents & heading even lower daily. This is a game of patience & NOT what is promised by falsehood & greed as is bombarded daily to the public. SL

  5. John on

    Truth the average person just doesn’t give a sh*t. Sad but true. Cannabis can save mankind. But man is to wrapped up in their own head that they don’t see the big picture.

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