Bill Would Prevent Feds From Targeting Compliant MJ Companies

Cannabis business owners harassed by federal prosecutors despite operating legally in their respective states would finally get some relief under a bipartisan bill introduced in the House on Wednesday.

The bill – introduced by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican from California – would amend the Controlled Substances Act to make an exception to federal law for states that have legalized cannabis in one form or another, according to the Huffington Post.

In a nutshell, the bill would bar the federal government from going after marijuana businesses, provided they are complying with state cannabis laws.

The bill has 11 co-sponsors from both sides of the political aisle

Recent actions by U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag and comments from a Department of Justice spokesman may have led to the proposal.

Haag is seeking to close and seize the assets of Oakland-based Harborside Health and Berkeley Patients Group, among the first large-scale dispensaries in the U.S.

DOJ spokesman Patrick Rodenbush said earlier this month that a spending bill signed by President Barack Obama prohibiting the department from spending money on prosecuting state-legal businesses doesn’t apply to individuals or organizations.

Rohrabacher and Rep. Sam Farr sent a letter to the DOJ, telling the agency to stop prosecuting legitimate cannabis businesses, after Rodenbush’s statements were made public.

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One comment on “Bill Would Prevent Feds From Targeting Compliant MJ Companies
  1. Al on

    Remember the 700 billion that came up missing back in 08-09, has anyone figure out how much of that was sent south of the boarder in the form of drug money? Do we really need to have rocket scientist in Washington D.C. to understand just how much money will now be staying in the U.S. where it belongs! The cannabis businesses will and is keeping a lot of money in the U.S. billions in fact, maybe somebody needs to cram this fact up D.C. butt!

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