BioTrackTHC, MainStem create cannabis business supplies marketplace

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BioTrackTHC, a Florida marijuana technology company, joined forces with Seattle cannabis e-commerce firm MainStem to provide the MJ sector with access to business supplies at wholesale prices.

Dubbed the MainStem Marketplace, the online platform will be available through BioTrackTHC’s user-interface and will offer customers access to cannabis business necessities including packaging, retail accessories, cultivation supplies and traceability equipment, according to a news release.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Under the arrangement, the platform will handle payment processing, order status and fulfillment and customer service.
  • BioTrackTHC is the latest company to partner with MainStem. Kush Bottles recently announced a partnership with MainStem to distribute ancillary cannabis products – packaging, supplies and accessories, etc. – through a centralized sales platform used by BioTrackTHC customers.
  • The two collaborations come after MainStem closed a Series B funding round in May with a nearly $2.2 million raise led by Merida Capital Partners.
  • Bio-Tech Medical Software, the parent company of BioTrackTHC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Helix TCS, which trades on the over-the-counter markets as HLIX.