Breaking: Feds Raid Colorado Cannabis Businesses

, Breaking: Feds Raid Colorado Cannabis Businesses

The federal government and local law enforcement agencies are undertaking “enforcement actions” against medical marijuana businesses in Colorado today, executing search and seizure warrants at dispensaries and cultivation sites.

The Department of Justice did not reveal the reasons behind the move or how many businesses it targeted.

But several dispensaries and cultivation facilities are reportedly in the crosshairs – including VIP Wellness in Denver and Swiss Medical in Boulder – and the total number could stretch into double-digits.

The DOJ said in a statement that it will not provide any additional information going forward.

But it did claim that the actions are in line with the agency’s “recent guidance regarding marijuana enforcement matters.”

This seems to indicate that the government is targeting medical marijuana businesses that are violating the state’s MMJ program or the federal laws highlighted in the DOJ’s recent guidance.

The enforcement action today also could be tied to another issue: Agents from the Internal Revenue Service are involved, a sign that perhaps some of the businesses ran afoul of tax laws.

, Breaking: Feds Raid Colorado Cannabis BusinessesIn August, the DOJ issued new guidelines for enforcing marijuana laws, saying federal prosecutors should focus on crimes such as the distribution of marijuana to minors; diverting cannabis to criminal enterprises and states where it’s not legal; using state-authorized MMJ activity for the trafficking of other illegal drugs; and growing marijuana on public lands.

The DOJ also announced that it would allow Colorado and Washington to move forward with their adult-use cannabis programs, so long as the two states develop strict rules and regulations an work to prevent diversion of marijuana to other areas of the country.

The announcements represented a ground-breaking moment for the cannabis industry, and optimism reached an all-time high.

But many professionals were skeptical, as the government has backtracked on similar promises in the past and ended up cracking down on the industry.

The raids come just weeks before recreational marijuana sales begin in Colorado.

4 comments on “Breaking: Feds Raid Colorado Cannabis Businesses
  1. Windy City on

    …two steps forward and one step back – I think that those raids are correctly related to tax matters more than anything else.

    I may be wrong but I doubt it. There is a lot of money involved taxwise and it is better to gain the upper hand on seeing that Uncle Sam et al gets their piece of the pie.

    Anyway, let’s not stay afoul of the law. Reneder unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s as the old saying goes…

  2. Cyn in Colorado on

    When will President Obama’s lies end? I voted for him twice, only because there are no other options. The vast majority of US citizens are pro-cannabis legalization. This prohibition is wrong.

  3. Ali Jannati on

    Simply put, the Feds are dragging their feet on legalization of Marijuans just long enough to give their big corporate buddies enough time advantage to set up, mobilize, and be ready for the day when Obama announces his willingness to sign into law Cannibas business legalization. Making sure that all the small companies that have been working so hard at this for so many years are wiped out or bought out cheap by big corporations such as tobacco and pharmaceutical giants.
    For now the Feds are scaring small businesses so that they don’t grow large enough for those corporates not being able to swallow them.

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