Brookings Study: Fears About ‘Big Marijuana’ Are Overblown

A new study from an influential think tank argues that concerns are overblown that big corporations will come to dominate the marijuana industry, and instead contends that policy makers should focus on harmful practices – such as marketing to minors.

The Brooking Institution study – “Worry about bad marijuana—not Big Marijuana” – analyzes the argument that the marijuana industry is in danger of becoming like “Big Tobacco,” an influential lobby that pursues profits at the expense of safety and ethics.

The authors’ conclusion: Not quite.

Some key findings:

  • The marijuana industry will remain diverse even as large corporations emerge. The Big Marijuana assertion “oversimplifies and stereotypes what is in reality a continuum of business scales and structures.”
  • The marijuana industry will evolve to look less like tobacco and more like alcohol, which is regulated mainly by states, has proven stable, and is “broadly acceptable” to the public.
  • With smart regulations, so-called Big Marijuana can have “advantages in terms of public accountability and regulatory compliance, product safety and reliability, market stability, and business professionalism.”
  • Policy should focus less on industry structure and more on preventing “harmful practices.” “Attempts to block corporatization are likely to backfire or fail.”

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4 comments on “Brookings Study: Fears About ‘Big Marijuana’ Are Overblown
  1. Observer on

    Big anything means Government and Big Business get together through our corrupt political processes to crush competition and get rid of the little guy. BrookingsInstitute is representative of that so their study is questionable from the get go.

  2. Laurence McKinney on

    I think the market will split into pharmaceuticals and beer. There’s nobody in the current cannabis “marketplace” aside from GW with serious drugs-from-plants credentials. If it becomes legal, people will be better educated, competition will winnow out most, and recreational will spread; you’ll be able to grow for yourself the same way people brew their own beer and wine. Most people can’t make good beer or good wine which is why we have levels of beer from multi nationals to local breweries to home brewers. Home brewers don’t pay taxes. But be-vare! Successful little folks become, augh, big folks. A rising tide lifts all ships. ArcView’s just as likely to give to politicians they like as Donald Trump is; welcome to the world of legal commerce. But no Big Marijuana – that cat is long out of the bag.

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