Business Licenses Issued in IL Before FBI Checks Completed

In his hurry to get permits issued to medical marijuana businesses, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner overlooked a key step in the vetting process: conducting criminal background checks.

None of the companies awarded licenses have been through the requisite checks, according to the Associated Press.

Federal background checks – which involve running the names of the founders and key executives through an FBI database – are required under state law for all companies receiving a license to operate a medical marijuana business in Illinois.

It’s possible some companies could have their licenses yanked after the checks. The state’s MMJ program bars anyone who has been convicted of a violent crime or a drug felony, though there’s some leeway with individuals convicted of crimes related to the medical use of cannabis, the AP reported.

The background checks could further delay the state’s medical cannabis program.

The FBI still has to sign off on a revision that former Gov. Pat Quinn made to the state law in his last hours in office. After that, both the FBI and the Illinois State Police will have to get updated software and coordinate with three other state agencies and fingerprint vendors. Only then can the checks be completed, the AP reported.

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3 comments on “Business Licenses Issued in IL Before FBI Checks Completed
  1. Jahpharmer on

    More than just sad, excluding Master Growers from participating in Illinois developing MMJ industry because of a prior “drug conviction” for growing cannabis, much knowledge on how to grow the dankest quality, highest potency, most environmentally conscious, and phat’est yields will be lost.

    It’s taken Master Growers years, decades actually, to develop the knowledge base to be able to deal with the nuisance each crop cycle presents as it grows then ripens to maturity. Without such knowledge one is ‘flying blind” as problems unique to each season’s crop manifest, as they will.

    Yes, of course much is being put into making standardized, “rubber stamped” crops, like the industrial output from Colorado’s major warehouse grows. And that’s all well and good for most users as they’ve never developed the fine tuned taste for cannabis to start with; much like the casual wine drinker being OK with “Walmart” quality wines, vs. wine connoisseurs who only buy from on-site wineries.

    But perhaps more importantly, excluding Master Growers from being able to participate in the rewards as MMJ and RMJ once again become accepted by mainstream culture is a slap in the face for all of us who have persevered in the face of all the bogus propaganda, all the corrupted-by-big-business laws, and have endured all the physical, emotional and financial pain from being convicted growing this marvelously healing plant.

    Yes, of course here in America we do shoot the messenger.

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