CA marijuana distributor to launch ‘institute’ serving small growers

Flow Kana, a San Francisco distributor that specializes in craft-grown marijuana, shared more details Tuesday about plans to transform a former Northern California wine estate, saying it will build a “cannabis institute” catering to small-batch  MJ growers.

The 80-acre property – the former home of Fetzer Wines – will include testing, processing, manufacturing and retail operations for Flow Kana’s stable of farmers, as well as classes and a bed and breakfast for tourists and other visitors.

Flow Kana plans to purchase the cannabis the craft cultivators grow, process the flower and distribute the MJ to independent dispensaries around California.

The idea, Flow Kana said in a news release, is to give small growers a one-stop shop for all their cultivation needs and give them the same operational efficiencies that larger grows enjoy.

“Just as small coffee farmers bring their coffee beans to a centralized facility to be dried, roasted, processed and packaged at scale, the Flow Cannabis Institute will provide a centralized location for small, independent cannabis farmers to test, dry, cure, trim, process, package, manufacture and distribute their harvest at a massive scale,” Michael Steinmetz, Flow Kana Founder and CEO, said in the release.

The Flow Cannabis Institute will be located on property in Redwood Valley that Flow Kana acquired earlier this year. The parcel also has about 87,000 square feet of industrial space. Flow Kana plans to lease that space in the future to MJ businesses that want to produce products such as concentrates and edibles.