CA deputies seize $10M of marijuana at licensed grow

Deputies seized $10 million of marijuana at a licensed cultivation operation in Northern California, citing a misunderstanding of Calaveras County marijuana laws for the weekend bust.

Thirty-five workers were arrested during the raid at an abandoned airport outside of San Andreas, California. Some of the workers were from Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico, and they said they were not in the United States legally, according to the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office. Others taken into custody were from Bulgaria, Iceland, Florida, Colorado and Ohio.

Sheriff Rick DiBasilio acknowledged the owners possessed a cultivation permit but said the enforcement action was taken because the business was involved in other activities aside from simply growing cannabis.

“They paid their $5,000 fee, but again (the owners) are not reading the ordinance,” DiBasilio told KCRA. “The ordinance is very specific: You are allowed to grow – that’s it. It has nothing to do with processing, manufacturing, testing, anything.”

The people who were arrested in the Calaveras County raid face such charges as conspiracy to cultivate, transport and process marijuana and possession of cannabis for sale. Authorities said some involved in the grow also had outstanding warrants.

They also said more charges could be added, according to

Authorities said they began their investigation about a month ago when citizens reported auto traffic going in and out of the airport. Deputies said they discovered a high-tech marijuana processing operation when they arrived at the airport last Thursday, KCRA reported.

The confiscated marijuana plants, which were estimated at 2 1/2 tons, will be eradicated, deputies said.



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8 comments on “CA deputies seize $10M of marijuana at licensed grow
  1. Rick on

    Last gasp of the War On Drugs crowd, I hope the case is thrown out of court and the Sheriff is held responsible for damages and losses. Enough is enough, it’s legal, for crying out loud.

  2. Socrates Smith on

    The marijuana industry is one with great promise…and relative uncertainty. The truth is that the so called “Land of the Free “has more people behind bars than any of the dictators we so despise. Marijuana arrests are a gateway to mass incarceration. The DEA wants to put us in prison. The IRS wants to tax us without allowing deductions. The Federal Reserve and banking regulators make it tough for financial institutions to give accounts to marijuana businesses. Even the USPS wants to curtail our mailings. California is the biggest and most mature market, but Californians have no idea what is about to hit them in January 2018, when the state’s Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act goes into effect. This state law will require all cannabis companies to come into strict adherence with more modern security, cultivation, processing, and dispensing practices. Product recall plans? cGMP? Security surveillance storage? Many of these concepts are largely foreign to smaller California industry participants.

  3. Adam Mintz on

    If you know anything about Caleveras County, you know their sheriff busted this operation because people where trimming dried buds. His claim that people can “only grow,” but not harvest, is about the dumbest thing to ever come from a cop’s mouth…Oh, it should be mentioned that this county took in $3.7mil from marijuana applicants…

  4. Carl on

    I agree that the bud should not of been even touched. But here is where I think they deserve teh punishment and should be federally cahrged with Violation of employment laws using Illegal aliens period. Nothing against the immigrants and I wish them the best and no jail term for the weed.
    I want the awipes not just in weed but all industries to understand they are the one responsible for the hiring of illegal immigrants to pay slave wages and avoid taxes and hurt real people wages and trat them as garbage.
    Don’t punish the immigrant punish the employer so that they will never break the laws and pay a fair wage and taxes.
    Right now that weed will never be destroyed as it was all distyrubeted to all the BKK thugs for their own demise for cash and a buzz
    This sheriff needs a serious visit by the Angels on the Steel from HELL

  5. Dan on

    These laws seems to be a “TRAP” and travesty of justice. the law states, You are allowed to grow – that’s it. It has nothing to do with processing, manufacturing, testing, anything. This is entrapment at it’s best. What are you expecting to do with the cannabis after growing it?

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