CA Firm Launches Ad Campaign Touting Small MJ Farmers

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An upstart medical marijuana wholesaler in California is aiming to dispel the idea that corporate America is poised to take over the Golden State’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

San Franciso-based Flow Kana has begun a multimedia advertising blitz showcasing California’s independent marijuana farmers at a time when many in the state expect wealthy out-of-state interests will mount a big push into the state’s marijuana industry. Flow Kana helps medical marijuana growers sell directly to patients.

Concerns about an out-of-state takeover come ahead of an expected ballot initiative in November to legalize recreational marijuana. Approval could unleash a flood of new business opportunities.

Entitled “The California Way,” Flow Kana’s ad blitz features individual  marijuana farmers discussing their values and how they’re intertwined with the cannabis business. It attempts to paint a personal picture of the farmers responsible for California’s marijuana crop.

The campaign is being rolled out as a series of four videos over the next month until May 16, Marketing Daily reported. Digital ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will supplement the effort.

Flow Kana also is launching a coalition of small-scale marijuana farmers – dubbed the California Way Consortium – to advocate for a future that includes independent growers – not just major cultivators.