CA senator: San Francisco proposal a ‘ban’ on new cannabis firms

A San Francisco land-use committee has given an initial green light to a restrictive zoning proposal that one state senator from the city is claiming would “ban all new cannabis retail businesses in almost all of San Francisco.”

Sen. Scott Wiener – a former member of the board of supervisors – wrote in a lengthy Facebook post that the new zoning rules are tantamount to a ban because the city is adopting a 1,000-foot buffer between MJ businesses and schools, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The buffer is stricter than the state-mandated, 600-foot setback rule for cannabis companies.

“We’re not just talking about severely restricting or banning traditional cannabis dispensaries,” Wiener wrote.

“These restrictions apply to *all* cannabis businesses, ranging from dispensaries to edibles to ointments and oils to every other conceivable cannabis product. And, we’re talking almost everywhere.”

The zoning proposals face another board hearing Monday and will go before the full city board of supervisors Nov. 14.

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3 comments on “CA senator: San Francisco proposal a ‘ban’ on new cannabis firms
  1. johnny on

    Boy what crap that comes out of politics. Just pay them off then they all will come along side. This will change when they see how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they are leaving behind

  2. Eve Stardust on

    if you look at a Oakland map with the 600 sq ft buffers around each school it literally blots out almost everything – it’s surprising how many schools there are. if it were 1000 sq ft in San Francisco where it’s way more dense, i can’t imagine! Combine this with the Sunset District banning dispensaries, I’m sorry folks, if you weather this storm, especially if you don’t have much capital, you are truly amazeballs.

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