California AG Says State Recreational Sales Inevitable

California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who plans to make a run for a U.S. Senate seat, said she believes the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state is inevitable and that lawmakers must be diligent in crafting laws to regulate the industry.

California isn’t exactly known for having a well-regulated cannabis industry, so legislators will need to make rules on everything from advertising to where rec shops will be allowed to open, she said.

Harris is watching how legalization plays out in Colorado and Washington and believes that strict regulations need to be put in place in California to protect vulnerable people, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Harris said she’s not morally opposed to marijuana legalization, she just wants to be sure it’s well-regulated.

California has the second-highest density of MMJ patients in the country, but has so few regulations that many dispensary owners aren’t sure whether they’re operating within the law, leaving them open to raids by federal and state authorities.

Lawmakers are trying to retroactively pass regulations governing the industry after the state became the first to legalize MMJ almost 20 years ago.

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3 comments on “California AG Says State Recreational Sales Inevitable
  1. Jeffrey Tobias on

    Im 60,and in my life i known many MJ smokers that never got ill or overdosed on MJ. I know many Alcoholics died of overdrinking as car-Wrecks,as i seen many die of COPD,Heart disease for Smoking Toxic Cigerrettes.

  2. Jahpharmer on

    Over regulation and excessive taxation only encourages the continuation of a black market.

    Maybe someone needs to state the obvious here: cartel grown cannabis ships its profits to Mexico; local growers spend their money with local businesses: trickle-up economy. If the state is serious about incorporating cannabis into its economy then minimally tax and regulate it, just like wine grape growers and wineries are regulated and taxed, no more and no less. Allow those of us who are local growers to expand to what the market will support; allow us to spend our money with local businesses, use our money to open new local businesses, invest our money supporting new business ventures, all here in California, and such increased revenues for local businesses will, in turn, provide all the increased tax revenue California wants to boost the state’s coffer. Not rocket science.

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