California marijuana manufacturer charged with toxic waste dumping

A California cannabis company and two of its executives face federal criminal charges for dumping 1,500 pounds of toxic waste.

The charges against WellGreensCA stem from alleged violations of Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

A U.S. attorney’s office has charged that Lunar Louissa, part owner of WellGreensCA, and Nadia Malloian, a company administrator, conspired to illegally dump 28 drums of ethanol waste from their company’s cannabis extraction lab, without proper federal permits, San Diego TV station KNSD reported.

According to the June 19 indictment, filed in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of California, the illegal dumping conspiracy dates to November 2017 through at least June 2018.

Both Louissa and Malloian hired an unlicensed refuse hauler to get rid of 55-gallon drums of ethanol, according to the indictment.

The drums were allegedly left at five different sites around San Diego County.

The company said it paid the hauler in cash. Investigators said the required paperwork was not filed.

WellGreensCA does business as Trade Street, KNSD reported.

A WellGreensCA attorney told the TV station that its state-permitted facility had been inspected “multiple” times and “was always in full compliance.”

The attorney said the company didn’t know anything about illegal waste dumping.

Rather, he blamed a consultant who had been hired by WellGreensCA to help the company navigate state and federal regulations.

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3 comments on “California marijuana manufacturer charged with toxic waste dumping
  1. Pat on

    Was the consultant on a state “certification list” of reputable consultants? Does one even exist? The answer is probably, no. Why? It’s a well known fact that many consultant’s out there are snake oil salesmen. The state knows this. But, the unassuming already licensed business sometimes doesn’t.

    Ahhh… The state wins both ways: 1 ) Not putting out a certification list of reputable consultant’s 2 ) Increases the chances of an event like this. Who wins?!? The government!! The government gets to collect fees/taxes, etc…AND big fines triggered by trip wires. It sounds like this licensee was totally caught off guard on this deal ( maybe not ). But, regardless, the state provided businesses like this an opportunity to fall on their faces. Again, it sounds like they were licensed. Why wouldn’t the state do more to ensure that businesses like this, whom have already jumped through so many hoops ( $$$$ ) to get a license to have this happen? Hey, pssst: …. Word out on the street: The less supply of anything, the higher the price and therefore the tax revenue.

    • Matt on

      Having worked with multiple licensed businesses as a consultant, many business owners and managers break the law purposely and through purported negligence. Blaming someone else is a common attempt to not accept responsibility for one’s own actions.

      • Pat on

        My point is, is that the state/local govts. in many instances make it nearly impossible for most to get licensed. This basis in this scheme is barrier based and not based on any significant evidence of why it should be so expensive and difficult to obtain a license. Once licensed, the shake down with the same govt. entities continues ( often unbeknownst to the now licensee ). Then you’ve consultants and other “helpers” whom want a lot of money for their services. We all know that consultants are just that. They are not responsible for the advice they give.

        My guess is that a lot of these licensees are just making it; or learning that they’ve used/abused/lied to by the system to the point that they go broke. All the while the state/local govts and consultants and the like get paid. And then it’s just: NEXT! Because there’s always going to be another unwitting and hopeful sucker waiting in line whom will get screwed like the previous guy.

        The state/local govts. and all the other helpers have no real concern for any of these people. Just want money. And to keep the elements of the barriers/traps in place just so that they can say they gave people the opportunity.

        Sure if proven, the accused shouldn’t have done what they did. It’s a pretty obvious violation that really needs no defense/explanation for why it was illegal. But, why would someone act in such a desperate and reckless manner in the first place? Most in the right minds would. But when one has been nickled and dimed to death; esp w/how things are going with this scheme; it should be no surprise to anyone that most have their “breaking-points.” And, perhaps that’s what happened here. And, my guess, this kind of thing is happening all over with licensed business whom realize that they don’t have the cash flow to “keep-up” with seemingly never ending, mostly b*ll sh*t demands by tom, dicks, and harry’s.

        Only the the most well capitalized that can afford what can be labeled as high priced extortionist “requirements” will survive. For now. Like I prev. stated: The less supply of anything, the higher the price and therefore the tax revenue.

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