California cannabis regulators revoke four business licenses

California marijuana regulators, California cannabis regulators revoke four business licenses

California marijuana regulators revoked the licenses of four MJ businesses after the municipalities where those companies were located nixed their operations.

The four account for only a handful of the 433 California marijuana companies that have seen their temporary business licenses canceled, revoked or expire, according to new information posted online by the state Bureau of Cannabis Control.

BCC spokesman Alex Traverso said none of the four licenses was yanked because of disciplinary actions.

The four are:

  • VBF Brands (doing business as Von Baron Farms), a Salinas-based distributor
  • Greenheart Operations, a Rio Dell-based distributor
  • New Natural Solutions, a Hesperia-based delivery operation
  • Elite Care California, a Grover Beach-based delivery operation

The companies lost their licenses because “all four got their local approval revoked, so we had to do likewise,” Traverso wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily.

The rest of the licenses were canceled because the companies didn’t submit their annual license application in time to get an extension, or they simply chose not to apply for a full-scale permit, Traverso said.

Temporary licenses were available at the beginning of 2018. But the licenses were good for only 180 days unless a licensee filed an annual permit application, in which case extensions could be granted on how long the temporary permits were valid.

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8 comments on “California cannabis regulators revoke four business licenses
  1. jimdamiano on

    somebody better get on the ball and pay attention because they will be left in the dust new jersey said they are considering going legal recreational

  2. pebbles trippet on

    It is designed to not work…if the locals say no, the state license has to follow. These steps are arbitrary, made up as they go along with cannabis growers as the guinea pigs.

  3. ENQUAN HE on

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