California county may nix planned cannabis-centric attraction

A company’s plans to convert the small California desert town of Nipton into a marijuana tourist hub may have hit an insurmountable obstacle.

An existing law in San Bernardino County, where Nipton is located, “bars all sales, distribution and production of cannabis,” according to Capitol Weekly.

That means the $5 million that Arizona-based American Green spent to acquire the town may have been in vain.

The county counsel notified American Green about the cannabis ban on Aug. 9 – six days after the sale was announced – and stressed that the county would use administrative citations and criminal enforcement if necessary, Capitol Weekly reported.

However, Stephen Shearin – who is managing the Nipton project – told the news agency that American Green is aware of the law but remains confident its plans for the town will proceed.

He pointed out that the project will bring jobs and tax revenue to the region, which he believes will eventually convince county officials to support the venture.

“We’re concerned about it but not anxious,” Shearin told Capitol Weekly.

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5 comments on “California county may nix planned cannabis-centric attraction
  1. mike on

    Well like we all thought, what chance does the honest small organic medical grower have against big businesses, especially those that can buy a whole city. This plus the horrendously complicated state rules is all designed in favor of big money for their big profits.

  2. MARK BURCAW, D.C. on

    Power to American Green, big risk brings big reward and this is a battle that must be won to preserve American Freedom.

  3. Adam Mintz on

    It would not have even have taken hiring a lawyer to know this was a bunk deal, all you would have needed was one literate individual. No sympathy here…

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