California Court Ruling Could Halt MMJ Deliveries in LA

In a ruling that could adversely affect hundreds of medical marijuana businesses in Los Angeles, a three-judge panel of the state’s Second District Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling to block an MMJ delivery smartphone app.

The judges agreed that marijuana deliveries violate Proposition D, a voter-approved law that limits the number of medical cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles. The ruling could provide the city with all the ammo its needs to target other MMJ delivery services in the city.

The lawsuit involved Los Angeles-based Nestdrop, which offers an app that helps medical cannabis patients order home delivery of marijuana from local dispensaries.

Los Angeles City Attorney Michael Feuer sued NestDrop in December 2014, arguing that the company violated Prop D. The Superior Court of Los Angeles agreed, issuing an injunction ordering NestDrop to remove marijuana businesses from the app.

The company appealed, but the judges ruled that “immunity cannot accompany the marijuana when it leaves the location to be delivered elsewhere.”

Since Feuer took office, 716 medical marijuana businesses have closed across Los Angeles, according to his office.

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4 comments on “California Court Ruling Could Halt MMJ Deliveries in LA
  1. Sativagirl on

    Unequal protection is un-American. God confessed; He created cannabis with intent to distribute and heal the sick. Bust him, if you can find Him in America.

  2. RationalThinker on

    Why is the city spending taxpayer dollars on this? Especially when it is the citizens of LA that they represent that are creating the demand for the delivery services. And that people seem to being helped not hurt by cannabis? Didn’t the City Attorney get the memo that the drug war has failed?!? It’s time for a new era – one where the city works cooperatively with the cannabis industry. LA is knows as the largest cannabis market in the world. If the city harnessed this instead of trying to destroy it, it could result in increased tax revenue. This fall, it looks like Californians will be making cannabis legal for general adult use like Colorado. Why does the City of LA lack the foresight to start regulating cannabis in alignment with existing CA state laws instead of fighting it? The city’s zeal for prohibition is outdated and self-destructive.

  3. Teresa Silverlight on

    The people running the City of Los Angeles are morons. The only way marijuana will be legal is if the City can over tax it, which is why they are withholding any legalization.

  4. veganeverything on

    It’s strange they don’t bust the delivery services, just the app that connects them to customers. When I lived in LA I thought the mmj dispensaries were out of control at 900+. I’m now considering, living in the bay area, that LA let the free market run free. What’s better, 8 or 10 dispensaries making 20 mil a year or 100’s of dispensaries? We have 100s of liquor stores.

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