California marijuana dispensary fined $40K for insufficient cancer warnings

The local district attorney’s office in Santa Rosa, California, fined an 11-year-old medical cannabis dispensary $40,000 for failing to adhere to state-required warnings about potentially cancer-causing substances, which include marijuana.

The case is a reminder to California companies that failing to follow the most stringent letter of the law can prove costly, especially in the state’s new regulated market, which launched in January.

According to The Press Democrat, Sonoma Patient Group in Santa Rosa was targeted by a complaint from a consumer watchdog group last year that looks for businesses that violate the state law requiring cancer warnings.

The dispensary subsequently changed its advertising to be compliant with state law, but also agreed on May 10 to pay $40,000 in fines instead of fighting the case with the local D.A.

Sonoma Patient Group will also “hold an educational event to ensure other cannabis businesses in the county understand how to comply with the California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, commonly known as Proposition 65,” The Press Democrat reported.

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5 comments on “California marijuana dispensary fined $40K for insufficient cancer warnings
  1. lovingc on

    Cancer warnings??? What world did these fools wake up in? Cannabis cures cancer it does not cause it. If you believe otherwise please provide the relevant studies. I have found none.

  2. Ziggy on

    Why are there “state-required warnings about potentially cancer-causing substances, which include marijuana”? When was marijuana scientifically proved and declared to cause cancer? By whom? I’d really like to know.

    Or are we still wallowing in fear mongering and ignorance! I thought that California was better than that, leading the way to enlightenment!!!

  3. George Bianchini on

    Some of the terpenes that cannabis naturally produces are on the Prop 65 list as well. Myrcene is one of them. Those of us that have been in other industries have had to deal with this for a while now. But with that said, a $40,000 fine instead of a, by the way put a label on it is, predatory. There are some that will try to destroy the industry at every loophole. The war on drugs is not over. Let’s bring the fight to the voting booth. Those that oppose or refuse to help societies wishes need to be defined as targets of cannabises 80% approval rating. We now have weapons to fight the entrenched deniers. Especially, the not in my town elected officials. Prop 65 is not the devil here, it was just used as a weapon. Dummies, they brought a knife to a gun fight.

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